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  1. Excellent - I was looking for this - now how about formatting phone numbers (ie: 1234567890 formatted to (123) 456-7890 ) ?? Thanks everythingFileMaker
  2. Hi everyone, Absolutely new user to FMPA 18. I managed to cobble a small database together using FMPA 18 on my 2018 iMac (Catalina 10.15.3), and want to share it over a local network with my laptop. I'd like to have the laptop log in via a user account (Data Entry only). I created a user account in the "Manage Security" section, and have made sure the user account has Data Entry only privilege & "write access to all records" is enabled under the advanced tab. I also checked that "fmreauthenticate10" & "fmapp" are checked (Advanced tab). My firewall is off, and I've allowed File Sharing in the prefs of my iMac - pointing directly to the Filemaker Pro 18 Advanced folder located in my applications. I installed FilemakerGo on my iPad, and can access the file in the Hosts area, but I'm not logging in via the user account I setup (no idea how to do that). But when I tried to connect to the host on my laptop (File/Hosts/Show Hosts), it's not finding the host. I've tried manually adding the host address (192.168.xx.xxx) & also pinged my iMac from the laptop (MacBook pro - 2016 model - running 10.14.6 Mojave)I don't see anything when I add the iMac's IP manually, but do get a response from the ping. Why does it work on the iPad (iOS 13.1.2), but not on the MacBook? What am I doing wrong & how do I log into either using the user account I set up on the host machine? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks LaRetta/Comment - I'm considering the situation as per your remarks - Comment: Never having done this previously, I'm anticipating the place to start would be a good old piece of paper to map what I need and how it might all come together? Then move forwards, start building piece by piece, table by table, workspace by workspace? Is that type of process recommended (before I get too far in)?
  4. OK thanks again for the help in getting started. All very much appreciated.
  5. Comment: Fair response, I have tried to figure this out, but in between work, family, kids and health, my time is limited to work on these issues. For now I'll have to use the file as-is and hopefully figure it out using a test file. Appreciate your reply. Wim: Ditto my comments above. But Comment said: However, my Developer said it can be done using an Applescript inside of FMP, so if it can't be done just using FMP, alone - why wouldn't I want to utilize his help to achieve the desired result? Time is not on my side just now, hence why I joined this forum - to try to fastrack to a point where I can get things running to some level.
  6. Many thanks, I have an Applescript Developer who may be able to help with the scripting. One other question, I'm confused about the portal window & inserting it into an existing layout. After making sure there's at least some info in the fields of the other table I want to insert, the window shows nothing. I can do a search on these forums, but happy to receive any comments you'd care to make. Thanks
  7. Just wondering if an Applescript can be written for the "Add New Document" situation?
  8. Hi comment, many thanks for the example. Looks very useable. Is FMP 18 able to utilise Applescript scripts?
  9. Thanks for your reply comment. The "Add New Document" button references a table by the same name, and the "pdf" buttons to the right, also reference fields within that table. I also have a 2nd table "Contacts" within the same layout. Could you be a little more specific about entering the data into a "portal". How would that be done?
  10. Wim, After several hours, I've managed to figure out how to set the button to trigger a script to open a URL I've entered into the field adjacent to it. But I'm struggling to work out the 2nd part of the issue: How to make the button create a new field/button with the attributes I need. I'm anticipating the "Add New Document" button would perform like so: Click the "Add New Document" button Script performs the following: If the field above is empty (ie: no text) show me a dialog "Enter URL into empty field". Add new field to database (if new button & text field are created, if not ignore). Makes new button & text field directly below the previous one. If there's a URL (text) already entered in the field, make new button & text field directly below to replicate the previous button, with the same attributes (ie: Open URL button linked to new field). When a new URL is entered, assign it to the adjacent button, but allow me to name the URL independently When completed, each button (icon to the left) when clicked, should open the link to the relevant document (usually in google Docs). I know all this is possible with Applescript, but Is this is possible in FMP 18? Thanks for any guidance to Tutorials or help you may be able to provide. Example:
  11. Thanks again Wim, Lots to research for me here, but I understand the principle idea. As I mentioned, I'm a total newbie to FMP and have not yet learned how to insert scripts, but will try to use your suggestions and learn the process.
  12. Thanks Wim, OK I'll check that out, thanks. We add pdf's, Google Docs to these contacts frequently, and so these fields need to be created regularly - is there a method by which I can simply Click a button to add a field with these attributes already included. The objective is to click an "add Document" button, which produces an additional field, into which I can add the URL, which will link to the URL/Doc when clicked inside the contact window? Usually we have no more than 8-10 of these per contact, so it's easy to allow space on one side of the contact area.
  13. Hi Wim, Thanks for your reply - we've been using Podio as our "contacts CRM/database" for a couple of year's but have become despondent with it for various reasons. In that system, we had the facility to "add a document". Clicking on "Add Document" produced a new field, into which we could add the URL of the Google pdf/pdf we needed to locate from within that contact's information sheet. The URL was then "clickable" so as to allow one-click access to our document via the default browser. Is it possible to make a button to do something similar in FMP 18? Hope that makes sense?
  14. . . . Hi, is this the correct place to post this question? Thanks.
  15. Hi, As a complete novice to FMP, I'm attempting my very first database. We rely on storing our contracts on Google & Dropbox. I've been trying to either embed the pdf's into a "tab", or (my preferred option) to have an "Add URL" button to link to the online pdf. I tried adding a field and copying and pasting the URL, but it's not clickable, and I'd need to add another field for each pdf/contract. Is there a better more efficient way to do this? Thanks Steve
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