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  1. Steve - it works fine for me. Actually just what I was looking for (thanks to Comment for the example), but now that you introduced me to the idea of a Pop Open window, I'm looking into how I can make that work too.
  2. Comment, yes you are correct I am validating the foreign key. I'll go back and change that and check your demo file. Thanks
  3. Hi Comment:- I think I have this setup correctly - see screenshot below: But I noticed also that this created a one-to-one relationship and not one-to-many - is that correct? I was assuming one contact would have many associated records in the 2nd table? Hi Steve: Thanks also for your feedback:- I'd prefer not to have a blank row at all, it'll confuse others when I get this up and running. I like the idea of the pop-open window, but again, have no idea (yet) how to do this. I'm working through some lessons on scripting, but am very early in the tutorials. Many thanks to both of you for your prompt feedback.
  4. [Newbie] - I'm trying to get my head around what would appear to be a very simple task (according to some of the video's I've found online), but I can't get the final result I'm looking for. I have a portal which I'm using to create a new record (customer address), inside my main "Contacts" layout, inside of that portal I'm trying to create a new record using a button (external to the portal). The button should add a new Record and display the Portal Row ONLY when the button is used for this purpose. Otherwise the portal should only have ONE blank field waiting to be populated Presently I have the Portal and button working but not as I need it to. When I have finished adding text inside of the Portal Row field and click outside of it or use "tab", a blank field is automatically created below - which is where the problem lies. If I continue to press the "Add New Record" button, it keeps adding blank fields below the one above. Ideally if the field above is blank, I should not be able to keep adding blank fields/records to the portal until the field above is populated. I'm presuming that I'm going to need to use the "IF" & "ELSE" functions inside the script, but am not (yet) familiar with either of these. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Many thanks Comment - just assigned the script trigger "onObjectExit" . . . and tried it using the "Enter" key (was using the "Return previously), and it worked first time! So now I'll follow your instructions to see if I can make it work using the "more commonly used) "Return" key. . . . and that also worked! Problem Solved! Many thanks as always Comment.
  6. Hi comment, thanks but I have no idea how to implement one of these script triggers and the Claris explanation is quite confusing. From some of the online info I've been reading, sounds like I need to firstly "capture" the enter key inside a script, and then assign a script trigger to my "Search all records" script? I tried a few times, but I just keep getting the same message: "Before typing, press Tab or click in a field or choose the New Record menu command" I've attached the script I found, which is assigned to the "Search" button. Thanks for any further help.
  7. New user I have a "Search" script setup in one of my layouts, which works well but I'd like to refine it a little to make searching quicker and with less mouse clicks. Currently, I have a field into which I enter a client name, and a "Search" button which activates a search throughout my database for any records containing this name. For the search to work I have to input the name (or a portion of it) into the "Search Name" field , and then click on the "Search" button. What I'd like to happen is to enter the name into the field and then hit the enter key to activate the same search. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Comment, thanks for your help, spent the weekend trying to figure this out and think Im 90% there. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions as this DB takes shape. Appreciate your help and guidance.
  9. Hi Comment, Many thanks for the detailed reply - plenty of excellent guidelines there. Apologies also for the delay in getting back to you, but things have been very busy at work and I'm struggling to find a few hours here and there to work on this - however, this weekend is free so I'm hoping to put your advice into practice and get back to you if I have any further questions. Thanks
  10. I'm not really understanding this situation but I do get the idea of creating a new record and not a new field - thanks for outlining that. However, I've created a relationship between 4 tables referencing 4 tabs in my layout - Contacts, Tab2, Tab3 & Comments. "Contacts" is the primary key, and all the others are linked back as ForeignKey's. When the "New Comment" button is set to activate the script (which I now have working), I do indeed get a new record appear in the portal, but that's my "apparent" issue - every time I click "New Comment" it triggers a new record. I'm guessing it's to do with my layout referencing all 4 tables - and suspect that the "New Comment" button/record needs to show in another layout which only references the Comments table? File attached. Note Buyers Database (Rolodex) Updates copy.fmp12
  11. Many thanks comment, I'll have a think about this and try to implement it as per your instructions.
  12. Good afternoon/evening, I have found a script which looks similar to the functionality I'd like to embed into a tab in my database, but it's not "quite" functioning correctly. What I'm hoping to achieve is to have a field I can enter comments into, and then a button which when pressed, creates a new field. The idea is to keep every comment in a seperate field for ease of reference later. Pressing the button "New Comment" also creates the date to the left-hand side (would be nice to also add the current time), and also the "Delete Field" button to the right. This is the script I discovered - but as you'll understand (better than I do), it doesn't create a new field, but does create a new record each time. # save the current customer ID Set Variable [ $customer ID ; Value: Dashboard::ID # ] # Go to Communication Log tab and Create New Record Go to Layout ["Dashboard" (Dashboard) ; Animation: None ] New Record/Request # Set Field to enter the comment into Set Field By Name [ Comments::NewComment ; ] # Go back to my original staring point Go to Layout [ original layout ; Animation: None ] Any guidance to modify the existing script would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  13. comment - excellent. Thats enough infomration for me to be able to get started with this, without worrying about the possibility of needing to rebuild parts of the database later. I'll divulge all this information and come back in a few days if I have any further questions . . . if I may? Thanks again, really appreciate the help & direction.
  14. comment: Thanks for the demo, and after playing around with it, I've come to the conclusion I'll most likely need scripts to achieve what we need. In summary (revision after checking your demo file), this is what I’d “like” the database/layouts to do before moving on further:- 1. Create new contact record (easy to do) 2. Choose a company this contact is associated with in a “Company Name” field or drop-down box scenario. 3. If no company exists -click button to create new company/record in Companies table/layout 4. In either case “Company Name” field in Contacts layout will be auto-populated or chosen from drop-down list (other idea’s welcome) once selected. 5. If another contact record is created, and this new contact is related to an existing company, it should not create another “Companies” record (ie: duplicating the same company) 6. Deleting/changing the Company Name inside of the Contact record should update the company employee record in the “Companies” record (“Employees” - Portal to “Contacts” references inside of “Companies” layout?) 7. Deleting/changing the Company Name inside of the Contact record should not delete the company record unless “nil” employees are associated with the company record. 8. I prefer not to have to go to the “Companies” layout to create a new Company, but would prefer a Pop-over button type entry within the “Contacts” layout, whereby I can enter all information and have it carried over to the newly created record. I’ve been testing the popover button situation, and this would work very well for creating a new company (record) if I’m able to implement it correctly. Does the above seem feasible? If so . . where to start? Thanks
  15. Thanks, Yes I'm beginning to think what I'm trying to achieve might need scripting. Just checking the demo . . . . thanks.
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