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  1. comment - excellent. Thats enough infomration for me to be able to get started with this, without worrying about the possibility of needing to rebuild parts of the database later. I'll divulge all this information and come back in a few days if I have any further questions . . . if I may? Thanks again, really appreciate the help & direction.
  2. comment: Thanks for the demo, and after playing around with it, I've come to the conclusion I'll most likely need scripts to achieve what we need. In summary (revision after checking your demo file), this is what I’d “like” the database/layouts to do before moving on further:- 1. Create new contact record (easy to do) 2. Choose a company this contact is associated with in a “Company Name” field or drop-down box scenario. 3. If no company exists -click button to create new company/record in Companies table/layout 4. In either case “Company Name” field
  3. Thanks, Yes I'm beginning to think what I'm trying to achieve might need scripting. Just checking the demo . . . . thanks.
  4. Hi comment - thanks for your feedback: OK, so actually instead of adding the company by name, I’d add something like “1002” ? But if that’s the case, how would I remember all the company “values”? Is this "foreign key" value the UUID from the Primary Key in the "Companies" table, or would I create an editable drop-down list which would also serve as the foreign key?? How does this work in real-life terms? I was hoping to be able to create a new “Company” record from the “Contacts” layout, but are you advising that’s either 1) An incorrect methodology for a DB, or 2) N
  5. I’m new to FMPA 18, and have been “playing” with it over the past few months after being asked by my supervisor to create a small database to keep track of our customers. Nothing too fancy, but just enough that we can search for a name/company, create a few notes and print a pdf/invoice when required etc. I’ve been creating a few test databases and have checked out hours and hours of online tutorials, but this particular issue has me confused & frustrated. I’m trying to figure out how to have many contacts (employees) associated with one company (many to one?). I create
  6. Hi Again, Looks like this is not going to be possible - just had some interaction with my ISP support team who advise port forwarding to 5003 is not possible because: "The reason it isn't working is you are on a CG-NAT IP address."
  7. Wim, Hope you & your family are keeping safe during this crisis? Many thanks as always.
  8. Thanks Wim (are you the only Expert reading these forums? LOL) Can you explain how this type of "hostname" sharing needs to be setup between my "home" .fmp12 file & the "remote" MacBook Pro please? I've setup a free account with No-ip.com and have a hostname I've setup my router to allow for port forwarding using the No-ip service (Advanced/DDNS enabled) I'm presuming my next step is to contact my ISP to check which ports I can forward - is there a specific port I need to use for FMP file sharing? Then presumably it's just a case of adding the hostname to the
  9. Hi everyone, I posted an issue about sharing a FMP file on my internal network a few weeks ago, and have now moved to the next level - I now need to share the same FMP file remotely. In the past I have used a Dynamic DNS service (No-IP.com) with Remote Desktop to access my home iMac, but is it possible to use this service to access my database when I'm traveling via my MacBook Pro? Thanks
  10. Update: So after several weeks of encountering problems with the MacBook Pro, I decided to back it up & re-load the OS (High Sierra). Problems have all now been solved and I can access the file on the internal network.
  11. Fitch, many thanks . . . . checking out the tutorials right now. Thanks also for the script layout - just what I was hoping for.
  12. Thanks guys, Podio is no longer a viable option for us, hence why we've moved over to FMP. Reinventing the wheel is not something we're attempting or wish to do. I'm purely trying to (eventually) put together a database which is of our own design rather than having to "make do" with Podio - which we've been trying to customise for the past 4 years and still has it's glitches and downsides. Rather than continuing to work with a platform we're unhappy with, we decided to take advice and go with FMP - thats why I'm trying to learn the basics (from scratch) and hoping to get some of the featu
  13. - Not sure what you mean bcooney? As I mentioned, I'm a complete newbie at Filemaker. Thanks for your reply.
  14. In the past I used Podio to organise my daily/weekly workload. In that setup I would login (via my browser), and immediately be notified of tasks: Outstanding (tasks which had been scheduled, but not actioned, or actioned and marked as completed etc), today's calls and future tasks. Podio was integrated with a Google Calendar which made tracking very easy. I'd like to try to create something similar so I receive a pop-up message/task list, when I log in to FMPA at the start of each day. Is this something I might be able to achieve as an absolute newbie? Thanks
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