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  1. Thank you. I do like your suggestions. The unicode fonts are attractive and would scale nicely and align better. Also, the transparency problems If I do as you suggest, may no longer be an issue. I've heard some negative feedback about using repetitions. I forget the details--possibly with respect to performing searches. One very useful feature would be searching databases of chess games. I just heard of one collection of 15.9 million games, and to be able to search for sequences of moves could be interesting though I'm not sure how quickly such a search would be. Not sure how to deal with black and white alternating squares and repeating fields because I thought all repetitons must be the same color. I use FM mostly with Windows. It is the Advanced version which the profile does not appear to have. Wondering if the Windows version of FM is as robust as the Mac version, and also if FM runs with Linux. The processor on the PC is an i9-7900X running at 3.31 GHz & I've got 32 GB of RAM.
  2. Thanks for your help. I believe I have the problem solved using scripts. What I'm building is a customizable database for the study of chess. There are 64 Container Fields for the chess squares. The chessmen are jpeg images that are in the container fields. Filemaker does not seem to tolerate transparent images that allow the color of the container field to bleed through, so for each chessman, there are four (4) possibilities with respect to the color of the chessman and the chess square: white on white, black on white, white on black and black on black. If I could solve the transparency problem, I would only have 126 chessmen instead of 256. These images are transparent in Photoshop, but is lost in after pasting the image into a Container Field, so when a black pawn on a dark square should look like this, it looks like this: There is no chess engine for playing chess--it is for studying the game. For the opening study I typically only need to go 1/2 dozen or so moves deep to arrive at the characteristic position, so I accomplish that with a script that copies and pastes the image file for the chessman separating the moves with the resume/pause script command--not an elegant solution but it is functional. When I run the script, the first chessman "moves", and within the script successive chessmen are moved with the <Enter> key in the number pad of the keyboard, so I can advance forward. Going backwards and forwards within the same script would be nice--but I have a workaround. I had a similar problem with a project many years ago when I was animating the "drawing" of Chinese characters, which I did with Flash, and then ran that "movie" inside a Container field in FM. I know there are ready-made, off-the-rack solutions, but I'm looking for something tailor-made to my needs, and then FM is fun. It's all a balance between building a study tool and doing the study itself with all the time contraints. I'm happy with this project--but it'salways a pleasure to run a project by expert users of FM. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the reply. What I want to do is to move an image from one container field to another. I may try using a script, but I'm beginning to doubt that automating this task would be aa fast as moving the data manually. What would be interesting to see if I could do this operation by voice with Siri or some other program.
  4. I want to move the contents (grafx) of 1 container fields to another container field with a calculation. No luck using a Case function.
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