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  1. Thank you. I do like your suggestions. The unicode fonts are attractive and would scale nicely and align better. Also, the transparency problems If I do as you suggest, may no longer be an issue. I've heard some negative feedback about using repetitions. I forget the details--possibly with respect to performing searches. One very useful feature would be searching databases of chess games. I just heard of one collection of 15.9 million games, and to be able to search for sequences of moves could be interesting though I'm not sure how quickly such a search would be. Not sure how t
  2. Thanks for your help. I believe I have the problem solved using scripts. What I'm building is a customizable database for the study of chess. There are 64 Container Fields for the chess squares. The chessmen are jpeg images that are in the container fields. Filemaker does not seem to tolerate transparent images that allow the color of the container field to bleed through, so for each chessman, there are four (4) possibilities with respect to the color of the chessman and the chess square: white on white, black on white, white on black and black on black. If
  3. Thanks for the reply. What I want to do is to move an image from one container field to another. I may try using a script, but I'm beginning to doubt that automating this task would be aa fast as moving the data manually. What would be interesting to see if I could do this operation by voice with Siri or some other program.
  4. I want to move the contents (grafx) of 1 container fields to another container field with a calculation. No luck using a Case function.
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