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  1. While using FM Pro (19), accessing hosted databases, my interactive container fields automatically download their content. This happens on Pro, but not on Webdirect. Has anyone else experienced this? I first thought there was a layout trigger firing something, but the problem seems to occur on any layout, regardless of active triggers.
  2. Love the canary analogy 🙂 Poking into the "coal-mine", I've suspected some issue with the Filemaker-Cloud (AWS) server, so I restarted the instance hoping that would solve issues (such as Webdirect suddenly unable to "View as PDF", when yesterday it worked fine). Would appreciate any hints at troubleshooting the Filemaker-Cloud server. The admin console seems a bit limited. Troy
  3. I'm also experiencing this. Would some kind of "manual approach" be more successful? I wonder if others have found a work-around...
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