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  1. Hi, we are having an domain network in which all the local users connects to different machines depending up on the availability. Problem is whenever a person connects to a new system i.e. filemaker host is never set up before, all ways need to go to setting and set up host for that particular user. Is there any way to setup a default host independent of the local user for that particular machine. Thank you in advance.
  2. Thank you for your reply. As I am new to FileMaker I did not understand how to create custom stylesheet XSL. Please suggest me how to create that and where to create that. Additional Question- Is there any option to change the file format to a basic Excel file using FileMaker.
  3. Hello Everyone, I got this file which need to be imported into FileMaker, but getting error while importing as the format is in XML. It pops up XML/XSL import specific dialog and when I choose to continue, it shows an warning saying that "XML/XSL information is not enough to proceed with import/export." Please help me to import this file or any other way to import this data into fields in FileMaker. Thank you for your reply. File.XLS
  4. Thank you for your help. It worked now as didn't choose Dialog option and choose it as Reference.
  5. Sorry for posting it in wrong place. I tried using Insert file and saved it to a variable. But while doing a import with the defined variable as file it pops an error saying that 'file could notbe found'. Please can you explain this for me. Thank you for your reply.
  6. I tried to change the file format using filemaker by creating a container field and setting the field as the old .xls file and exporting it as .xslx file but getting error as shown below. Please help me in making this correct.
  7. Hello everyone, I need to do the importing into filemaker, but getting an error with the filetype. Files are of .xls type. Is there any method to import this kind of files without any error ? Thank you for your reply.
  8. Hello, I got two import script steps where 2nd one is activated when the 1st one fails but the problem is user should select the file twice. Can I save the selected file path into a variable and use that path to import 2nd time. Thank for your reply.
  9. I got this fields where data need to Be entered. After data entered the fields should not be open/ editable for the user. But it just need to display the data.
  10. To eradicate user error like changing the values. Basically making user only to view data but not allowed to change data in the field.And the only access to the admin user. Thanks for your reply
  11. Hello, Is there any chance to lock the field after the input is given ? if browse mode is not chosen then we can't even give a value to that. Instead of that can we lock the field after the value is assigned ?
  12. Sorry Sir, may be I didn't explained well. I have attached image for reference in which it shows two layouts. The relationship is defined with Sitekey as PK. Now my question is if the Name of the site is changed in Layout A how to update records in Layout B ? Can I make it automated to check for the change in the fields ? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello, I want to know what's the value of a fields in layout A(Table:: Site_Site) and have the same value in layout B(Table::Site_Network). whenever the value is changed in one layout it should updated it self in other layout.
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