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  1. @bcooney Thanks for the response. I was trying to figure out a workaround and somehow I missed the notification from the forum so apologize for my delayed response. So, the portal essentially displays 3 fields - status, symptom, and notes. on any given interaction, I will update the status and/or notes related to the name. Doing either triggers setting up a new record in the client interaction table and copies the values over to that table (status, symptom, and notes) via SetVariables, etc. However, now if I go to the same field on another interaction, the values from the prev
  2. Hi All! I have been playing around with Filemaker 18 and have run into an issue that I am currently unable to resolve. I hope I don't confuse everyone with my query. FYI - I am not a developer and don't have a coding background. I have taught myself essentially everything I know by watching videos and reading forums and filemaker Help. I am working on creating a record of an interaction with a client. There is a way to create an appointment for the interaction and then that takes you the layout for documenting the conversation. The layout has multiple fields each of which link to th
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