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  1. The best way for us to get to the bottom of this is to take a look at your logs. When you get this error, please choose "Report Bug", or you can also report by navigating to you MirrorSync launch page in your browser and using the link provided at the bottom of the page. That will give us more information about why you are seeing this.
  2. Hi Nicolay, It is hard to say exactly how to structure your solution, as everyone has slightly different needs. But I can give you some information that may be helpful for using Zulu. There are some layouts and fields that are absolutely required for Zulu to work. For example, the “ZuluCalendarList” table is absolutely required your solution. This will create a layout with the same name and all the table's fields on it. You may hide the ZuluCalendarList layout, but do not rename it, or add/remove fields from this layout. When integrating into your own file, understand that Zul
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