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  1. Ok, somehow I managed to figure out what was causing the problem. It seems very obscure to me, though. I had an incorrect sort field in a script that affects these two reports. It doesn't really make sense to me, but at least my problem is resolved! Thank you for trying to help me. I'm just happy the scripts are working now!
  2. No, it's not that simple of a situation. This one report has never been created before, so couldn't possibly be open.
  3. This is the weirdest thing. I use a script to produce a collection of PDF'd reports that go into a specific folder, which is identified in the script. There are 31 reports that are produced by this script. Of those, only one won't save. The error message below is for another script that is getting the same error message. That one file contains all 31 reports. I have no problems with space. I have tried different names for the file. The only thing that is a mystery to me is the part in the error that says, "unlock it." I have no idea what "it" the message is referring to. I would
  4. Thank you so much! I appreciate you, Comment! Have a great day!!
  5. I need to copy a table from one file to another. I inadvertently deleted the table from my working file, but it still exists in a back up that I have. Is it possible to copy/export from the old file and insert/import into the working file? I've looked everywhere I can think of. Please help! I don't want to have reconstruct this table. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
  6. LaRetta, thank you for your reassurance. I appreciate it very much! ☺️ Thank you, Comment, for straightening me out. I was able to create the calculation and it works fine. I appreciate you both! This is an awesome forum! Have a great day!
  7. Thank you...sorry about the font. Didn't realize that even though I have a choice, I'm not supposed to use it. 😣 I'm a true novice at this, I'm afraid. I'm trying to create the script, but I can't find the Let command in the lists. Sorry for being so lame... Also, there may be empty fields.
  8. I know how to find the median of numbers in Excel, but I don't know how to do it in FMP. I use FMP 16 and I can't find a "median" command. I have three simple numbers that require a median, and I just need to know which command to use. I know this is probably very simple, but my initial run through the forums for an answer didn't produce anything simple. I can't do the calculation in Excel before importing into my database, because the source documents are different. I can bring them together in FM as a calculated field, which would be the median. Your help is appreciated! 😊
  9. There are many times when I open FMP only to find that my file contains absolute gibberish where English text should be. I always have to reboot my machine, and then I must logon to FMP first before any other applications. If I open FMP after I have been working for a while in other applications, I get the gibberish. I would like to include a screenshot so you can see what I mean, but I don't see where to attach a file. I just want to know if this happens to anyone else, and whether there is a known issue and/or solution. This can be very frustrating when I need to quickly get into my dat
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