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  1. Hey Ryan, Thank you for reaching out on my post , I got it worked out my URL wasn't matching the URL I was in. My Database stated with HTTPS and my web viewer only has HTTP But one thing that I have been scratching my head on is how to get multiple files / folder upload to work in web direct. I can get it working just fine in filemaker but Web direct has been really changellenging.
  2. Hey there, so I have installed the plug for Filemaker Web Direct but i Insert a web viewer container and input the URL needed to upload file , it works on filemaker pro but doesn't show anything in web direct
  3. What type of URL do I need to put in a web viewer in order to upload files via webdirect with the Supercontainer? On the server machine I installed the SuperContainer Companion Plug-in in the file location /Program Files/Filemaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpc/Plugins after I rest the server , on the server machine I open Filemaker Pro Advance 18 ran a script pull version of plugin and got a value number but I opened in Web Direct it didn't give a ? or a number I can upload pictures in Filemaker Pro advance but no Filemaker Web Direct
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