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  1. Very kind of you, thanks! I'll let you know when the project is successfully finished!
  2. Yes, probably you're right! In the text field the script is meant to work on, each line contains an actor's name, and the respective character in a movie, arranged in various ways, e.g. separated by a specific word ("as") or a colon, or with brackets around the characters. Sometimes, the names are first, sometimes the characters. I want to extract the names only and put them in a repetition field. (I know, users are discouraged to apply this feature, but I'd like nevertheless to keep this structure, rather than unravel and reorganize it.) The entire script has grown over time, with ever more versions of how names and roles are assembled in the movies' informations; that is why it certainly is somewhat discombobulated.
  3. After updating to, everything is fine. Grateful greetings and best wishes!
  4. More news: I ran the script on my old win7 PC, and it worked perfectly. Thus, I reckon I'll have to reinstall FM17, after all - but thanks anyway for your help and patience!
  5. OK! Now I tried it, and everything appears to be fine; same results as you showed. Can you possibly suggest anything else (apart from reinstalling the software)?
  6. More thanks! I restarted FM, and the computer, but both didn't help. Please find attached screenshots of the data viewer for loop runs 1 through 4. For now, I give up... test01-04.pdf
  7. Thanks! In this part of the script, I meant to set $colon[1...$i] to contain the positions of ":" in the text "Filme:Besetzung", and $absatz the respective positions of the paragraph symbol.When I run data viewer in watch mode, $a and $i are correctly displayed, but nothing is given for $colon[$i] or $absatz[$i] unless I explicitly watch $colon[3], for example, to check the basic formulation, and then get the correct position number I counted in the text. It seemed so simple...
  8. thanks! I'd love to follow your advice, but could only do the pdf attachment. How to post the script? Sorry, I'm new here... test script.pdf
  9. Several forum contributions quoted "position" formulations containing variables for occurrences. I am at a loss why my simple script (FM 17, win10) containing a loop (stepwise increasing $i) which includes Set Variable [$colon[$i]; Value: Position ( Filme::Besetzung; ":"; 1; $i)] doesn't yield any result - unless I use numbers rather than the variable, testwise. (I wonder how to paste lines from the script here.) I assume I made an amateurish mistake and am looking forward to receiving advice of someone more experienced.
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