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  1. Let me offer a little more clarification. Table A holds our SALES RECORDS and TABLE B shows a PROFIT & LOSS STATEMENT. Table B has a range of different fields, but I want to add a few fields from TABLE A (commissions, revenue, profit etc) to show a full financial picture.
  2. Hello FM geniuses, I've been trying to work out the solution to this issue for a few months now, and am losing my mind! Essentially, in Table A I have a summary field of the total sum of commissions (all records). I want to show that data in a sub-summary part in Table B (sorted by Month). It seemed that using a Looked-Up Value would provide the solution I need, but alas, it doesn't even display the data. Apologies if my explanation is lacking important details. Please let me know and I'll do my best to elaborate further. For the record, I'm using FileMaker Pro 18
  3. Apologies, I had no idea that both these websites were connected. I'll continue this discussion in the other thread. Appreciate all your help with this.
  4. Hi Fitch, thank you for your reply. Would you mind elaborating a little on how I implement the "GetValue( Substitute(result;", ";¶) ; 1 )" Does it goes at the end of the SQL query, or elsewhere?
  5. I have an ExecuteSQL question that I'm hoping you could help solve for me [FMP18A on MAC]. The best way for me to outline my question is to show the process I took to get to where I am currently. [Example data only] I have the following TABLE [Sales_Database] and COLUMN [FRUIT] setup, and my SQL calculation gives the following result: ------------------ ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT Fruit, COUNT(*) FROM Sales_Database GROUP by Fruit ORDER by 2 DESC " ; "" ; "")
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