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  1. Please ignore the above post and forgive me my ignorance. I did not set a script line to register the plugin. My schedule ran it every 3 hours which is the time limit of the plugin's free version. If you restart the server/machine, it resets the clock and gives you another 3 hours. I added the line to register email when it runs the script and it is now working perfectly
  2. Ok, so I feel more than a little silly. I was so focused on the "Specify import order" I overlooked the obvious. Thank you Though even when I did specify excel it still showed the delimiter not grayed out which freaked me out a little but when it imported it worked. Thanks also for the tip on XML. I know nothing about XML so I was hesitant but it seems to work just fine without my needing to know!
  3. Hello, I recently became aware that you cannot import from one table to another using a server side script. I read that it should be done by exporting records from one table using Get(TemporaryPath) and importing using the same. I started fiddling with this and created a script like the one below in a test file. Go to Layout ["Export data" (export); animation:none] Set Variable [$v_path; value: Get(TemporaryPath) & "test_file.xlsx"] Export Records [With dialog:off; Create folers:On; "$v_path"; windows (ANSI)] Go to Layout ["Import data" (import); animation:none] Import Records [With dialog:off; Table: import; "$v_path"; Add; Windows ANSI] When I run it I get the error below. The file gets created during the export and I tried to MANUALLY import it and it worked fine. I tried renaming it. I tried creating as a text file and as a csv file. I have tried using ASCII (DOS) but get the same error. Is there a step I am missing or a file type that is required? I am running this on a local machine, not as a server side script. I am running filemaker 19 pro and server on a windows machine (windows 10 local, windows server 16) The one thing I am unsure about is the delimiter. If I am exporting into an excel file and I am exporting a field, why would I need a delimiter? In the final version of this I will using email data to transfer which will have all kinds of punctuation in it, but I want the body of the email to be in one field regardless. Also the auto enter, preserve external container storage and repeating field boxes are all grayed out so I can't change them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike
  4. Hello, I have recently moved my 360works email to the server and am trying to run the email script on the server side. It didn't seem to work although it did say it "succeeded". I did have some import steps from one table to another which I learned doesn't work on the server (that will be a separate topic) so I stripped all the parsing and importing parts of the script and just left section that downloads the emails and creates new records in an email table I have. I scheduled it to run several times a day and it ran well the first time but then the second time it ran for about a minute and said "succeeded" but did not download any emails. I stopped the server and restarted as I thought maybe I edited the script before the second running. And it ran fine the first time then did the same thing the second. Every time I restart the server it runs fine, but only once. The second scheduled time it says it ran successfully but no emails. When I look in the event log, I see a lot of entries when it runs correctly recording various stages but when it doesn't I get 4 lines. 2021-08-26 06:00:00.381 -0700 Information 148 FTSI-FMS-VM Schedule "Download Emails 6am" running. 2021-08-26 06:00:00.381 -0700 Information 689 FTSI-FMS-VM Schedule "Download Emails 6am" has started FileMaker script "Fetch Messages Server". 2021-08-26 06:00:01.663 -0700 Information 150 FTSI-FMS-VM Schedule "Download Emails 6am" completed. 2021-08-26 06:00:01.663 -0700 Information 126 FTSI-FMS-VM Schedule "Download Emails 6am" scheduled for 08/27/2021 06:00 AM. Below I have attached a screen shot of the script. If anyone can help shed any light on why it would run ok the first time but not the second, please let me know. Thanks in advance, hopefully it's something simple that I just don't know about. Mike
  5. Hello, I just installed 360works email plugin into server 19 on a windows server 2016 machine. It is showing installed and everything is enabled under connectors >> plug-ins. I have been running my email script on my local machine for a couple of years now and it works fine, I had the plug-in installed on my local machine but still using Filemaker server. We decided to get the server plug-in so we could run the script on the script scheduler to save time. I ran it and it says it "succeeded" but it did not import any emails. Like I said I debug it on my local machine and it works fine. I double checked the script for any global fields that may have been used and therefore would be missing a value but there are none. I do not see a script debugger on the server side so I don't know how to tell where the issue is especially when it says it is successful. How do you debug a server side script? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Thanks MaxB, You are correct that the emailreadmessages is not completing. It appears it is the VPN that is causing the issue. I guess my laptop doesns't have the "oomph" needed to run it. I set up a local version of the script on my laptop and ran it. It still hung up on me but I was still connected to the VPN even though it had nothing to do with the local script. I disconnected the VPN and the script finished within seconds. I also noted it takes over a minute to load a web page while I am connected to the VPN so it is obviously taking up to many system resources to handle the email script And yes, after reading the emails I have a subscript go through them, flag the important ones and import them into a separate table Guess I need a new machine for using the VPN. Thanks for you help, I appreciate it.
  7. I am the developer of the solution. But I do find it difficult to articulate exactly what is going on. There is no error, the script goes to the step of "EmailReadMessages". While it is completing that step, which can take some time depending on the number of emails, I get a progress window. The progress window I get when I am in the office is generated by Filemaker saying it is importing from my database as shown below. When I am on the VPN from my home I get a message that says "retrieving email" with the Java logo on top which does not resemble the window below at all (I'm at work so I can't paste a pic). I think it might just be a speed issue. I am going to try to limit the number of emails to 10 just to see if the script completes and I will also try a local file as you suggest. Thanks
  8. Hello all, I am pretty new here. I used to be on but that was a while ago. I am not sure I am posting in the correct area but here goes. I have 360works on my local machine at work(windows 10). I am running FM server19. I am the only one using the email plugin so I put a single license on my local machine instead of adding it directly to the server. I run a script to import all the emails from a specific email address and it works great. When I trigger the script, I see a Filemaker window showing that the emails are downloading. It takes a while but there are a lot of emails everyday. However, I also have Filemaker on my home laptop and use a VPN to log into the database. When I trigger the same script, I don't see the same Filemaker window, but a Java window that simply says "retrieving email". It takes forever and has never completed without either showing an error or losing the VPN connection when the laptop goes to sleep. I does seem to find the emails, as they are marked as read but they don't show up in the database because the script doesn't complete so I have to go in and try and find the emails and mark them unread. So my question is, is this an issue with Filemaker, 360works, the VPN or just my laptop? I hope I have made some sense, please pardon my ignorance in this
  9. hello all, First time on here. I have a Filemaker 16 solution on a file server which contains 12 files. I am the only one who uses the database which is why it is not on Filemaker server. I have scheduled it so it creates a backup when I close the database. I have a global field that is set with a timestamp when it backs up and the backup script checks that timestamp and only backs it up if that timestamp is more than 3 hours. The issue is that it takes a bit of time to back up the 12 files. Most of these files are relatively static. Suppliers, Job codes, etc. When I back up the files I replace the extisting backups so there is only the one set. I would like to be able to check each file and if there has been no change, it doesn't back it up. I am not sure how to do this without creating a monitor for each field to see if it has changed. Is there a quicker easier way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Mike
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