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  1. Dear All, On FileMaker WebDirect, we need the details of the current latitude and longitude for the Travel Tracker. Is any possible way for fetching the current location in WebDirect, which must be supported for the Android mobile user? Please advise. Thanks.
  2. Dear All, We have installed FileMaker Server 18. We have added a custom SSL certificate to FileMaker Server 18. On FileMaker Pro, we can view the green encrypted symbol and can able to access the Server DB. But on FileMaker WebDirect, we can't open the Server DB using the Domain name. We have received the error "No such file or directory" on connecting externally. On the internal network, we have received the error "Rejected request from RFC1918 IP to public server address" when we opening the WebDirect using Domain name. Can anyone help us to solve this issue? Thanks.
  3. Hi Support team, We have planned to host the 5GB filemaker file in the FileMaker Cloud for AWS. The Cloud backup will be taken for every 20 minutes. We don't need the backup for that 5GB for every 20 minutes. Is there anyway to select multiple files and to take the backup of the selected files only in the FileMaker Cloud for AWS? Please let me know. Thank you, Selvakumaran
  4. Dear all, We need to get the current latitude and longitude for the Android mobile user in the FileMaker Webdirect. Can we have any API or URL to get the current location in FM Webdirect? Please advise. Thanks in advance Selvakumaran.K
  5. Hi All, We have the FileMaker solution hosted in FileMaker Cloud, which was used mainly by the WebDirect users. The Web users wants to know about the session expiry before 5 minutes from the expiry. Currently we have set the "FileMaker WebDirect Session Timeout" as 25 minutes. Is there anyway to notify user about the session expiry with the message like "Your session will expire in 5 minutes." in browsers. Please let us know. Thanks.
  6. Hi Wim, We have hosted our solution in "FileMaker Cloud for AWS" and it will be used only in FileMaker WebDirect. Can the above mentioned features will support in Cloud/Web? Also please let us know the cURL/JSON features which will supports for connecting with other systems. Thanks.
  7. Hi Fitch, We haven't checked the APIs. We have asked them the API information for reference. Thanks.
  8. Dear All, We have planned to integrate Open Epic with FileMaker. We are using FileMaker AWS cloud, so it does not support CWP. Is there anyway to import/export the Epic data with FileMaker? Please let us know. Thanks in advance, Selvakumaran.K
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