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  1. Thanks much for your time and help. I'll try to work through it. The layout is all set with a break field and the pages look perfect in preview mode. 171 using unique name field as break and all records are found. I haven't tried what you suggest but will try to model it today.
  2. I'm a little embarrassed by this question because it should be simple. I'm hoping someone can help me learn to save records as a PDF (448 records, 171 unique names and I want 171 individual pdfs. I've gone through tutorials but I can't get past the first page of 171. Ughhh). I 'm like most people and working from home and hoping to save someone else a lot of work by printing the whole PDF (171 pages) and needing to scan each page. The PDF is correct for the first record and that's it. The script keeps running but no other PDFs are created. Many thanks to anyone who respond
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