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  1. Hi, What if I wanted to remove the"C" or any letter from my field example of a field with a PO#: CG350C53 is there a way to remove the "C"s thanks. Pio
  2. Thank you!! and thanks for taking the time to help. It works perfectly. Pio
  3. Thank you, that works perfect when I use my data viewer to test it, but how would I use it in my field if I already have a looked-up value selected sorry I don't know how to do both I can either select calculation or looked-up in my options for field.
  4. Hi, I'm using text in my delivery slip layout through a lookup field and want to remove text if "RO#" text is in the field example: VS-321 The Severed Arm: Blu-Ray RO# 52975 i want to remove everything starting with "RO#" if the field contains it, I know this can be done using LeftWords or RightWords but I can't get it done, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks. Pio
  5. Sorry, I was not making myself clear, what i need is that my Go to Related Record script cancels or overrules my On Layout Enter Script. Thank you.
  6. What I need is that when I go to related record it shows active customers only and it goes to the related record on my customer layout, but if I go into my customer layout from the navigation bar I wanted to have my customer list show only active customers and scroll to the first record.
  7. Hi, sorry, yes meant find active customers and the sorts by name This is my OnLayoutEnter script: and this is my customer layout: This is my GTRR: Thank you!
  8. Hi, My issue is that my customer layout has a script trigger on LayOutEnter that sorts my customers portal list by "Active" customers, but when I do a go to related record from another table say from quotes or any other the customer layout does not load that customer or show my related customer because the OnLayoutEnter script trigger changes it, I would like it to go to the related customer and also sort it by "Active" on the list. Hope someone can help me with this. Thanks, Pio
  9. Thank you guys for your help, the GetSummary is the one that worked for me, I really appreciate you guys taking the time to help. Pio
  10. Hi, The summary report and the job ticket are in the same table. Pio
  11. Hi I need to show "incomplete" text next to my job price total on my summary report when the "Job Price" field on the customer job ticket does not have a price, Sample: in the Hide object when, I have: not isEmpty (JobPrice) but it's not working it only works for the fields that customers have no prices on the job ticket and I want it to show if any price is missing for the customer job tickets.. Sample: Sample: Sample: Hope I'm making my self clear, your help will much appreciated. Sorry, I did not know how to insert im
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