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  1. Hi Group how do i create a calculation / script to place data into the search bar in the top of the window? See image I want to click a button, then in the script i want to collect data from few fields (i can already do this) and then i want to paste the data as a search string into the search box (i don't know how to do this)
  2. Hi Group how can i copy a parent record and all the child portal records in it into a new parent record with a new parent id number with all the copied portal records updated with the new parent id number? Fluffy
  3. Hi Group Im not sure if im in the right place to post this but here it goes: I have a database with a container field for a photo and it works great but i would like to take multiple photos and have them show as thumbnails in the database file in what i assume to be a portal? and then a main photo container field in the database window will show the currently selected thumbnail in the portal. and i am assuming when taking photo's via an ipad i will select the container field take the picture and it will add it to the portal too. my thought is that i need another database linked to the main database to hold all the photos in and then the main container field will link to that and the portal will also be linked to it pulling in all related pictures. and i am assuming the thumbnails will be small container fields in the portal, is this correct? or do i need to tackle this in a different way?
  4. Thanks Steve 🙂 i didn't realize the two forums were connected?
  5. Hi Group is it possible to have a memo field on a form or in a portal so that when you click on it the memo field pops up in a window as a bigger field so it can be edited and read easier?
  6. Hi Thanks for your reply, I don't really know anything about bar codes or qr codes. i like the qr codes as they can be a small square on a small label. I can print qr codes form my label printer but I have to enter the data and i was hoping to print them directly from the filemaker database. i am not keen on plug ins as when stuff gets updated sometimes plug ins fall behind and can have issues.. so i prefer to not use them. i did install a barcode font but for some reason it won't read into FMgo on an iphone?
  7. i would rather not use a plug in if possible. I would of thought printing bar codes would be important in filemaker for stock control systems etc..?
  8. Hi Group I can't seem to be able to print QR codes on a label from filemaker is this possible?
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