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  1. @comment, I finally found a solution which is a hybrid of a calculation field (as you pointed out in your last post above) and an ExecuteSQL query functioning as a record filter on the Portal. Thanks so so much!!!
  2. @comment, thank you. I'm going to tinker with Filemaker relationships to see if i can achieve the non-ExecuteSQL alternative.
  3. Explained as simple as possible Objective: track the whereabouts of items (Products) as they move from person (Contact) to person. At any given time, a Product is in possession of a Contact. Three tables in use, Products, Contacts and Transactions. A row in the Transaction table records: t.fk_ContactID— the Contact that is in possession of ... t.fk_ProductID— the Product and the ... t.EffectiveDate— date-time at which the Contact took possession of the Product. I want to know what Products Steve (a specific Contact) has
  4. @Comment, Although I no longer get an error, adding t.fk_ContactID, I get the wrong result. What I'd like to do, in essence, is run the first green query below, then on the result run the purple query below. SELECT t.fk_ProductID, MAX(t.EffectiveDate) AS latestDate FROM Transactions t GROUP BY t.fk_ProductID WHERE t.fk_ContactID = '9EE273FD-A35C-4177-8E2F-8ABE6F368286' I am pretty sure that in the standard SQL, this is possible, but in Filemaker for some reason it is not permissible.
  5. @comment, thank you so much for creating a small demo, I'm very grateful! Your demo indeed works; however i must apply the WHERE clause after the GROUP BY clause, otherwise I get the wrong results. There must be another way to achieve it, I just don't know how.
  6. WHERE was the first thing I tried because I thought that using GROUP BY requires using HAVING instead of WHERE. Substituting HAVING with WHERE gives a syntax error.
  7. Hello, first, I'm a newbie. SELECT t.fk_ProductID, MAX(t.EffectiveDate) AS latestDate FROM Transactions t GROUP BY t.fk_ProductID HAVING t.fk_ContactID = '9EE273FD-A35C-4177-8E2F-8ABE6F368286' The green part of the query above works well, however when I add the HAVING clause, it breaks with the following error: "All non-aggregated column references in the SELECT list and HAVING clause must be in the GROUP BY clause." How do I overcome this apparent limitation? Looking forward to your feedback. thanks a lot.
  8. Thanks guys. I found a great solution by Guy Stevens on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhe7tMvaorg
  9. Hello, I am a newbie to FileMaker but a long time programmer ... I am working on an Art Gallery collection tracking application. A key layout in this application is a matrix of images, each representing one artwork item in the gallery's collection. Clicking on any image will take you to a details layout of that particular artwork (see link below to image) I've defined an Artworks table such that each row of this table documents a single artwork with fields such as Title, Artist, Material, YearCreated, Dimension, Price, Image, etc. List Layout and Portals, both limit you to verti
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