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  1. Thank you for your sample and comment. I may rethink the design.
  2. I have a layout allowing the user to add custom categories to a drop down menu on another layout since these will change. A name plus active or inactive checkboxes. THE PLAN When the user interacts with the drop down menu the inactive names do not appear only active names. The idea is to also retain the record when the name becomes inactive in the future. Example Bob is active in May and available as a choice, but retires in June so no longer active so no longer available as choice, but if I look up that May record I still want to see Bob' name. Inactive and active checkboxes must act in conce
  3. Assistance please. I have a an app originally designed for a desktop environment and I did the unpardonable crime of having the user scroll down to complete all the required fields within the record. There are many. They moved the app to web direct and now we are at the mercy of the browser restrictions. Poor planning on my part to be honest. Here is my issue I have a portal at the bottom that allows the user to add custom categories. And they can add as many as they like. Problem is once they add one category the browser pushes back to the top of the layout and requires the user to scrol
  4. Ok. I found a solution. Button to card window, button on card opens new dialog window which launches a card window in that, button on new card window opens new dialog window which launches card window in that. So card window on card window on card window the 2nd two sitting in empty new dialog windows. Closing was the challenging part. Script contains 2 steps. step one - close window non specific, step two - close window but specifying the new dialog by name this closes to second card window. this also has the same close script which closes to the first card window and that has a simple close
  5. Toddbob

    Settings Table

    Thank you all
  6. I am using the following calculation to center card window on screen. Move/Resize Window [Current Window; Top: 60; Left: Get(ScreenWidth)/2-Get(WindowWidth)/2]. Unfortunately my card window winds up far right on my screen, which should not be possible with the Get(ScreenWidth) function. I am using a Mac running Filemaker 18 Pro.
  7. Toddbob

    Settings Table

    Thank you for your reply. Your solution makes sense.
  8. Toddbob

    Settings Table

    I learned recently that you can build a settings table that controls layout size, so that all your layout sizes can be adjusted from one table without entering each layout individually to adjust the size. How do you make this settings table and apply it?
  9. I am attempting to do an app structure where I have an admin page so users can add custom settings. The idea is pretty simple from the main app window have an admin button which activates > an admin modal which in turn has a button that takes > you to a settings window. User makes changes and close settings window and back > to admin modal. So far all I have accomplished is opening and closing an admin modal, unable to get to the next step of navigating to a window than back to modal.
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