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  1. ok thank you I guess I leave it as it is for now using 2 fields. Thanks again
  2. Both fields "Container1" and "Container2" have referenced scripts and calculations. I mean by changing the field name, the name will also change in all the scripts and calulations. In this case I want them all to be "Container1" In this case, is it not possible to make them all reference to the field "Container1" apart from doing it manually?
  3. I am basically looking to remove the field "Container2" and use it as "Conatiner1". So image2.jpg to move it to "Container1". but i am looking mainly to change the field name first from "Container2" into "Container1" so all the attached scripts and calculations will change as well, so I don't have to do change them manually. but because the field with the name "container1" already exists in the table, I can't rename it. Thank you
  4. Hello, I moved fields (and scripts) from one FM file to another one. Now, I have a table to 2 fields that has same function but different names, example: Container1 and Container2 Both have their own attached scripts and calculations. I would like to merge "container2" into "Container1" field so the attached scripts and calculations will also change, but I can't rename it simply to "container1" is there a way to without going through all the scripts and calculations? Thanks
  5. Hello, Any good tutorials/videos on how to implement zoom API with filemaker? Thanks
  6. Thank you comment, I tried what you recommended but it is not working with me, maybe because: I am using a global table to manage my Value list, as follows: 1) I'm using a global table (GLOBALS) connected to a value list table (VL Items) where I make my value lists. 2) than I made a "VL items" Table Occurrence and connected it to the Main table "Main" (Main::Name) --> (VL items TO:: IDf VL items). Here I am getting my unique Value List in the "MAIN" dropdown that I need using the connected relationship with the globals. 3) Now, when I use the "Photo field" in "MAIN" la
  7. Hello, (1) I have a ready set value list table with the following fields: -ID -Name -Photo (Container) (2) I would like to do the following: when I choose field (Name) from a dropdown menu, I would like another container field (Photo) to auto populate automatically and show the photo based on the same (Name) in the value list. any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hello, I need help please as I am new to the Anchor-Buoy using the following concept: I have a base table [PATIENTS] and would like to connect it to [STATUS], [DOCTORS], [TESTS], [TREATMENTS]...etc I looking to track the BOUYS Tables changes with time e.g. (A) Track the start/end dates/times of any [STATUS] changes of the patient --> becoming INPATIENT or OUTPATIENT or DISCHARGED (B) Track the start/end dates/times of [DOCTORS] interactions with [PATIENTS] ...etc 1) I figured a join-table is the approach to capture this data, is this correct? or is there
  9. Hello, I need help please with the best relationship design. I'm designing a database for patients and their encounters/visits, and I would like to like to view their information related to each visit (Current and old). I have the following tables: tbl_Patient ---> tbl_Encounter (inc date/time) ---> many tables capturing patient data What is the best way to view the old patient data based on the past date and time? Thank you
  10. Hello, Is it possible to make a slider bar field control like the attached image in filemaker 18? I only found a request feature 5 years back https://community.claris.com/en/s/idea/0870H000000fy9IQAQ/detail Thanks,
  11. Thank you Steve, I have done what you suggested with a table separate for admissions with a date of admission and date of discharge. I attach my relationships. Okay, instead of the patient's name, I am going to use their unique chart number or National ID number to search for the patient and then add as new admission. Exactly as you suggested, I would like everything in their past history to be duplicated but under a new admission, so when I edit the information, It will not affect the information in their old admission encounter. Any pointers please on how to script this?
  12. Hello, I am new to filemaker and using filemaker advanced pro 18. Im building a database for my patients who are admitted to the hospital. I would like help please with the following: 1) when I discharge the patient, the patient’s data are “archived” and not shown on the report. However, when the patient gets readmitted to the hospital, I would like to: 1) add patient by the hospital chart number 2) if patient is in the archive list, then activate and use the old data but under a new encounter to the hospital. whats the best w
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