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  1. Thank you comment, (1) I am able to separate the children/grandchildren records, however I can't constrain or show only the records of the selected symptom. In the table attached for example: from the first join table where I use the picker/multi-select card based on it. I get all the records in blue instead of the Red (Chest pain=g_selected question). (I am using look-up field in list view in my card window picker) I was able also to isolate the (Red) records using a " a list function", however I was not able to load them in the picker window successfully. (2) I am currently using 3 picker windows and each picker comes from a join-table. I have a feeling that it is better to use only the main DISEASES_table as a picker for all, only if I am able to know how to load the active selected records into the picker in a view list. (especially later that I will need to use ValueCount() to know how many times a disease was selected. please let me know if you need more information. Thanks
  2. Dear Comment, Finally I managed to connect the relationships, I did it using 3 separate join-tables and using a card for each join-table for each of the 3 pickers. Now I am faced with the issue on how to filter/limit records in the card list view of the subsequent symptoms i.e: for Symptom 1: (attached image): since it is the first to be created in the table, the pickers work fine. but when I move to create the list of symptom 2, the picker will also use the list of diseases in the join-table from the first symptom and so on. so I need help please on how to filter the list-view in the pickers based on the (Primary_Symptom ID). I am using global fields in the (anchor=patient table) to link the join T.Os. I thought of 2 methods to filter the picker list based on the global fields using a script with: enter find mode or loop script, but was not successful. Any guidance please? Thanks,
  3. Thank you comment, I will give it a try and report back. Since diseases don't necessarily present with all symptoms together, all the 4 diseases should show but the sequence will be based on the (pattern count) of the symptoms i.e 1) A, B, C, E and A, B, C 2) A, B, D and A, B I will do my best 😁 Thanks again for your help
  4. Thank you comment. Yes, more than one item, hence, I have 3 join tables to save each level's selection. Yes, this is what actually I need guidance with? how to construct the relationships and at the same time show only the prior selection only. right now, at level 2 for example i am able to show all the selections like level one. Not really, all what I need just to answer the "questions" and build the list of diseases based on the symptoms questions. I have the backend between the 3 levels connected and ready, I just need to choose the selections for each. ok, I guess I will change it to intermediate once i am done solving this 😎 Thanks again
  5. Hi Comment sorry about the confusion, The purpose is that I have symptoms and each symptom has a list of diseases. example: 1) First picker: each symptom will have many diseases. example: [Abdominal pain] could be a result of ulcer, medication related, bacteria, cancer…etc 2) second picker: Abdominal pain [Location] will narrow the above list of diseases based on the location. example: for upper central area, i will pick up ulcer and medication related. 3) 3rd picker: Abdominal pain location [medication history] will narrow the list to medication only. at the end, i would like to use (maybe pattern count) to see how many times each disease was picked and sort by the highest number first. this can be done for each level. At the symptom level (if more than one symptom), at the second level and the 3rd level. the higher the number, the more chance that this symptom is related to this disease. i hope this makes more sense, please let me know if you have more questions. Thanks 🙂
  6. Hello, I need help please understanding the relationship for making 3 levels multi-select picker from a list. Example: I have a list of 10 colors, if first table selects 7 colors, then the second table sees only 7 to pick from and if I pick 3 out of 7, then the 3rd table will see only 3 to pick from. I have the following tables 1) Context table (tbl_Context) = Anchor 2) Table with the list to pick from (tbl_List) 3) then I have 3 other tables table A, B, C my approach (Anchor-Buoy) so far as follows: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tbl_Context --> tbl_A tbl_Context --> [Join_table1 with global connecting tbl_A] <-- tbl_List ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tbl_Context --> tbl_B tbl_Context --> [Join_table2 with global connecting tbl_B] <-- [TO of Join_table1 ] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tbl_Context --> tbl_C tbl_Context --> [Join_table3 with global connecting tbl_3] <-- [TO of Join_table2 ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am able to pick only from the first level but could not solve the 2nd and 3rd levels, is there another simpler approach since it is only one list to pick up from? with filter/omit values? I really appreciate any guidance. Thank you
  7. Hello Is there anyway or plugin to know which scripts are not being used in the layouts? similarly, for unused fields? for clean up purposes. Thanks
  8. Maybe you find this udemy course useful Filemaker Attendance tracking by Guy Stevens
  9. Hello, Beginner question: I am trying to understand all the methods for creating records in filemaker from simple to complex. Any good reference to read about the different methods including: When and how to use the best method for linked relations and not directly linked relations. Examples: 1) Direct creation (ticking create records) 2) Globals 3) Scripting 4) Portals 5) Creating a record through a join table etc Thanks
  10. Thank you comment, it is working like charm as usual If the question is N/A, then it is not answered and I don't want to include it. I have the questions in a related table to the answers. I will also try the reporting way you suggested. Thanks again
  11. Hi comment, I am looking to get the following result based on the answer selection on the first attached image for example: John has Question 1, Question 2 and Question 3. John does not have Question 4, Question 5 nor Question 6.
  12. Hello, I need help please calculating texts from a portal. (Image attached) I have questions with answers (Positive, negative, N/A), I am trying to report the questions and answers in a sentence, but having difficulty. The positives in 1 paragraph and the negatives in a second paragraph. I am using the following calculation: If ( Current SOAP Answer::AnswerHistory = "Positive" ; "John has" & " " & Substitute (List (Current SOAP Questions::QuestionHistory) ; "¶" ; ", " ) ; "John does not have" & " " & Substitute (List (Current SOAP Questions::QuestionHistory) ; "¶" ; ", " ) ) My issues (1) The sentence only responds to the answer in the first row in the portal i.e. when the answer is "positive" it uses "John has" for all the questions, and if the answer is "Negative", it uses "John does not have" for all the questions, regardless if the other questions are positives or negatives. (2) how can I add the word "and" before the last word if the answers are "Positives" in the paragraph. and add the word "nor" before the last word if the answers are "Negatives" in the paragraph. Thank you,
  13. ok thank you I guess I leave it as it is for now using 2 fields. Thanks again
  14. Both fields "Container1" and "Container2" have referenced scripts and calculations. I mean by changing the field name, the name will also change in all the scripts and calulations. In this case I want them all to be "Container1" In this case, is it not possible to make them all reference to the field "Container1" apart from doing it manually?
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