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  1. I have tried listing the policies in a portal, it still only prints either for one client or several clients, but 1 policy each. I am sure this is an example of where if I was in a tutorial class, somebody could see what I am doing and point out the silly mistake I am making. The underlying tables must have the correct relationships as I can do the find on the database and can scroll through the clients, with all their associated polices being displayed in the policy portal. I am just struggling to get this information on one printout/layout. And yes, i appreciate there are the additio
  2. The client is derived from various sources, so we pay commission to that source for all the policies for all the clients, hence SOURCE is a client field. The user can do a find on the CLIENT layout for which we have a policy portal showing all polices for the currently selected client. SO once a USER does a FIND on SOURCE, there may be 21 clients in the Found set, and each of those clients has 1 or more policies. Hope that clarifies the relationship.
  3. On our tiny relational db, we have CLIENTS - with Client nº, Source, FIrst_name & Second_Name Policies -with Client Nº, Policy Nº, StartDate, Premium, PolicyStatus ( i.e. Active or cancelled) Once the User has done a find, for the policies for their selected SOURCE, I want to print of a report, in STARTDATE order, with these details for all policies for the given SOURCE At the moment, I get the policies for the defined FIND SET i.e. the User selected SOURCE, but the report only shows the the FIRST policy for each client. What am I missing? NB Thisis on Win 10
  4. Ah ok. I hadn't realised that by simply removing my Pause/Resume Script step and replacing it with a Custon Dialog box not only would I be automatically pausing the script, until the User responds, but then I have control and can exit the script cleanly and return to the original screen. Thanks - sometimes one just needs a pointer.
  5. That is what I am tring to do. When the script is paused ( Pause/Resume Script [Indefinitely] ) filemaker displays its own Continue & Cancel buttons. Pressing the continue, all continues and works correctly. I cannot seem to capture the CANCEL button click - any ideas? The Get (LastError) = 1, which shows in the debug as "Error 1 - User canceled Action" evades capture! Therein lies the issue.. Or do I have to stop Filemaker displaying its own Continue | Cancel buttons in order to control the flow? If so, how would I do that?
  6. I have a script that prints off receipts in a loop, one for the office and then one to be given to the client. All works well, except sometimes we only need the office copy so I have a step : Pause/Resume Script [ Indefinitely ] At this point if we clink on Continue of press an ENTER key the script continues and prints the second receipt, but is we click on CANCEL, the script stops. This is technically correct, but I want capture this Error Code = 1 and return the user to the original Client screen Go to Layout [original layout; animation: none] .........................
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