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  1. Ok, thanks for the explanation, it seems to be a very powerful export tool! I am not acquainted with the XSL syntax, so it would be hard to modify it if I need to, but I might give it a try. Can I just export xml using Export Records [No dialog, "PATH", "FMPXMLRESULT"]?
  2. Thanks! Both are very elegant solutions. Concerning the second one I am looking for a Filemaker-only solution that directly exports the file to the assigned location on the server, so I really want to avoid additional converting steps. I never used the ExecuteSQL function before, so I need to try it and see whether it exports corresponding records and not the whole table as you describe. I am afraid I will end up doing the loop, but I have no idea about Filemaker syntax unlike R or Python which are quite intuitive.
  3. A B C 1 Sep 2020 25 2 May 2022 15 Hello, please forgive me the use of wrong terminology because I am rather new to Filemaker. I need to export a table with variable number of records crossreferenced in my current table in a row by row way, meaning I want to add some information before and after the records in every row and be able to choose the separator between the records and between the rows. To make it easier to understand I gave an example
  4. I am sorry if this question was already asked here, but I couldn't find the exact answer to it here or elsewhere yet. And I am new to the Filemaker administration so please forgive me the use of the wrong terminology. I am starting to work with a database that contains a bunch of sensitive data, so I am looking for a way to copy the database structure including tables, relationships and layout without the data content (records) in order to work on that "empty" database to include new tables, change the layout, implement new functions and scripts before applying changes to the original dat
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