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  1. Hello I have a script which prints from the iPad but the problem is that it ignores the container fields which have signatures in them. This area is blank the rest of the document prints fine. This script works fine on a computer the signatures print. When I save as a PDF on the iPad the signatures are there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Filemaker Go 18 and 19 both have the problem. I have updated the iPad OS. On the computer we use v19. Thank you Chris
  2. Hello I have a script which works fine on the computer but does not quite work on the iPad. The Send Mail creates an email with an attachment and should insert a 'to' and 'cc' field in to the Mail fields. On the iPad 'to' and 'cc' are missing. If I hard code in an email address it works. The attachments are added fine on the iPad. Everything works fine on the computer using FileMaker 19. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have updated the IOS on the iPad and tried version 18 and 19 FMGO. Thanks Chris
  3. Hello. Thank you. I have hundreds of records to export as single page PDFs with personalised information on them. I can export the records as PDFs and save them individually, no problem at all. I then need to have 1 form field added for the person who receives the form to fill in some text information and save it. Previously the client created text form fields in Acrobat and resaved the PDF. She can still do this if this is the only option. I wondered if there was a plug in which would do the job in 1 go. The client does not need to read back this data. I will check o
  4. Hello Please can anyone tell me if it is possible to export a PDF from FileMaker with one field which is a text field so that a user can enter their name in the form field. I do not want to read the text back or export the data at all. The PDF will be saved and sent back via email by the users. The field will contain the name of the person. In the past the client has exported the records as PDFs and added the field in Acrobat and saved the PDF again. This has been time consuming. Is there a plug in which would do the job? Thank you very much for your help. Ch
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