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  1. SOLVED! I tried to insert the file in a container field in a portal. As it seems, PSOS has an issue with "Insert from URL" into a container field in a portal. PSOS is now using a different layout with a flat hierarchy. I have this strange thing when I insert a PDF from URL ("Insert from URL" script step) while "perform script on server" I get error code 1 ("User canceled action"). This is strange, as I do not consistently get the error. In my case, I am exporting an invoice to PDF (Save records as PDF) to a path, and then convert the path to a URL and insert the PDF from t
  2. @Josh & @comment. Thank you guys! Worked like a charm now that I finally understood that the URL has to have a different format!
  3. Thank you Josh. I already have a path generated where the file gets exported to in "Save Records As PDF", which works perfectly. That path begins with "filemac:/". Like I mentioned, I tried all combinations between "file:", "filemac:" and ":/", "://", and ":///".
  4. I am running a script on server (perform script on server) which successfully exports data to a PDF on the server ("Save Records As PDF"). Later in the script, I am trying to insert this PDF file into a container, using the "Insert from URL" script step. No matter what I do, I am always getting back errors. FM server is running on a Mac server. I have tried all combinations of different parameters for "Insert from URL", with various formats for the URL (starting with “file”, “filemac”, followed by “:/”, “://”, “:///”). Depending of the combination, I am getting either one of
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