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  1. Thanks guys. Fitch I'm already using a loop. Please see the attached pic of the script. Comment, that option works for saving or printing. It's exactly what I cannot find to use in the script. It's such a simple but necessary filter that I conclude I must be being stupid as I cannot see Filemaker not providing it. I have no need to save the PDFs. If I have to that's fine, they can be deleted after the run is complete. I'm only using them as a universal pic format any customer should be able to read.
  2. Does filemaker pro 16 have a "send in mail" command which can be built into a script? I seem to be missing something obvious. I have a script which I want to send an email to each customer in a set of found records. I can by using the send mail script command create a new email for each record, insert each individual email address, add to the subject matter and include a personalised note. What I can't seem to do is send a PDF of the record,(which is a laid out invoice with a graphic letterhead). If I don't use this script and simply use “send in Mail” from the print d
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