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  1. It's like a blackboard where everyone knows a little German and English, but some do not feel save enough to write in the other language. Filemaker would not know which language is used. I want to make it user friendly. That is the problem. However just having some words not flagged would be preferable to having everything of one of them languages getting flagged. Getting so red it gives you a headache and I have to turn it off completely.
  2. Hi, I would like to make the spell-as-you-go function bilingual. I understand I can change the language completely, but that way I'd always have a lot of records with the wrong language setting, as entries are made in German and English. Using separate fields would lead to loss of information as some would only read their language. Thinking about combining dictionaries or defining the other language as user dictionary. Maybe importing a lot of words in the user dictionary? Anyone any ideas? Experiences?
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