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  1. Brilliant. Aha! Multiple Single-Row Portals, essentially turning off all of the Fill & Line attributes, should give me lots of flexibility to mess with the fields I do want individually. That's a step in the right direction, for sure. @comment Thanks for your solution as well! I will try them both out and any other suggestions that come in. Your List() using tab characters might be the easiest to manage everything at once. Understandably so, and thanks for pointing that out. I will say that if you had the full context, it would make more sense as to why they do it that
  2. As a new user, even the basic structure of a solution seems to have hundreds of options for getting started. I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on how to achieve the following: I have a Main Menu layout that works off of a "Main Menu" Table. I have a "Team Contacts" table and layout that shows the 5-8 people that are working on a given project. There are simple fields in this table: Role, FullName, Cell #, Email. Due to the nature of these projects, sometimes additional specialists are required (and are temporarily brought on for different tasks). This is why I set up the "Team Contacts"
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