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  1. Hi everyone, my solution has a standard user without a password. Start syncying, mirrorsync asks for a password, I left it blank. Syncing works perfectly. On the 2nd time syncing I get the error "Authentication failed, try running the sync again, you will be prompted for a password. Starting syncing again, it asks for a password, I left it blank, it works perfectly. Then syncing again, I get the error message again. And so on. It seems MirrorSync can't handle empty passwords correctly. Any solution? Thanks, Chris
  2. Hello everybody, I have a problem with German Umlauts (ÄÖÜ,äöü) in the filename of PDF Files stored in a container field. On an iPad I create PDF Files and store it in a container field. The filename is displayed correctly in that field "Jährliche Inspektion" After syncing the displayed filename in the container field on the iPad is still correct. But on Filemaker Pro (macOS) the displayed name of the file in the container field shows "Jährliche Inspektion". I can do it vice versa. If I create the PDF in Filemaker Pro on the Mac, the filename is correct. After syncing th
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