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  1. Unfortunately while it could work in theory, it often times would be impossible for our particular use case - we often need to be able to work in the database while local in the theatre, but also then be able to work on it at Panera or at our hotels without having to move equipment, so having just the .fmp12 file in dropbox is the way we have to go. We typically don't have any control over the WAN side of things at the theatres we work in, so we wouldn't be able to make the server publicly available. Typically in pre-production, the file is hosted on my AWS FMS and everyone can login to
  2. I had that thought, but unfortunately in this situation, we're not always able to use FMS.
  3. Hello! I have a solution many years in development for theatrical lighting data management. I'm working to implement some new features and before I dive too far into experimentation, I'm hoping someone might have some insight here. This solution is using MBS plugins, specifically the Socket.Read function, to receive incoming messages from a lighting controller. (Reading OSC from an Eos, if you are a lighting person) What I'd like to be able to do is to save each incoming message to a table in the background, in a way that doesn't affect what the local user is doing. The problem, of
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