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  1. Hi again IdealData, I was able to determine that the user did experience being booted out several times that day, presumably due to losing network. In your experience can this cause inadvertent deletion of records? I can also elaborate further, as follows: The user was trying to create a new invoice when he lost his connection and had to log back in 2 *blank* invoices were also created on that day, in addition to the loss of two existing invoices (note that the lost invoices were quite old and from different dates) I am most grateful for your ide
  2. I am sure they were created and they are present in all backups prior to July 10th. Restoring them is not the issue, it's determining why they went missing... Hi folks, I'm not actually a newbie at all. Just new to this forum (usually on the other). I'll edit my profile when I have a couple of spare minutes How do you mean? What would you do instead? I know that Cmd-E does not work. Menus are not available. All relationships and TO's were checked, nothing that could cause this. Yes I'm aware of that, thank you. That is a possibility and I'm trying
  3. Hi folks, I am fervently hoping that someone out there has a possible explanation for the following. In a file accessible to our clients uniquely via WebDirect, at a time when only our newest user was logged in, 2 invoice records went missing several days ago, presumably deleted... except that there is no delete button for the invoice on that layout. A bit more info: the invoice layout contains a portal to a child table for individual sales items and the Invoices table does have record creation/deletion privileges over the Sales table. So it *would* be possible
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