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  1. Ah right thank you, I understand what you mean but no this won't work unfortunately. The idea is that users who are not that familiar with FileMaker will simply be able to click a button and have the option to either print or save as PDF. They won't have the know-how to undertake your process. I will have to think of something else. Thank you for your time and offer of a solution.
  2. Yes that correct. Not so much on a specific page, every page for for the Body Part. Depending upon the record being viewed however the Body part could be 10 pages long, or it could be 80 pages long so I can't function Get(PageNumber) I only want it to show at the top of every page for the Body part. Below is the parts of my report.
  3. The heading '3.2 Detailed Findings, Costs and Photographic Schedule' in the Header part, I only want this to display on the Body Part when the report is previewed. I tried typing this in the ‘Hide Object When’ for the label but no such function exists. Get(ReportPart) ≠ Body So I want it show like this at the top of every page for the Body part only, but it is showing on every page i.e. the sub-summary parts of the report also.
  4. Hi, Yes i'm referring to an object (fields / labels) that I want to hide, not the body part itself. I have a label in the 'header part' that obviously appears on the sub-summary, body etc basically every page when the report is previewed. I only want the label however to appear on the body part. I can't place the label within the body part itself because then it would show up more than once above every record displayed, so it has to be in the header. Anyway I can control the label (that is in the header) to only appear at the top of the page within in the body part when the re
  5. Hi, I am trying to hide an object on a report other than in the Part 'Body'. All other parts i.e. sub-summarys etc it is to be hidden. I understand how to do this using the function Get(PageNumber) used in the 'Hide Object When' but depending upon the record I am viewing the records within the body can be anything from 7 pages to 60 pages long. I suppose I am after something like Get(ReportPart) ≠ Body. This function doesn't exist however. Please could someone point me in the right direction on how to refer to the Body Part in a report. Steve
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