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  1. This has now been solved thanks to the Forum member "comment". Comment advised me to use variables instead of Import or Copy/Paste and provided me with the Script Code that worked perfectly when using both Webdirect and the Filemaker Client. See Post at
  2. It now works perfectly for all fields including the repeating fields Thank you for the Script code clarification above. I really appreciate all your time spent on it.
  3. The Set variable works perfect for the single fields and brought the correct data across. However it didn't work for the repeating fields. In the Repeating field section I was unable to set variable for the item, desc, qty or price as per the script part below. Loop Set Variable [ $i; Value: $i + 1 ] Exit Loop If [ $i > 30 ] Set Variable [ $item[$i]; Value: Quotes::Item No.[$i] ] Set Variable [ $description[$i]; Value: Quotes::Description[$i] ] Set Variable [ $qty; Value[$i]: Quotes::Quantity[$i] ] Set Variable [ $price[$i]; Value: Quotes::Price[$i]
  4. Yes Copy/Paste is working OK - I should have clarified my question a lot better - meant to say "would Copy/paste be Ok for this scenario" (in other words copy/pasting and changing layouts maybe up to 150 times for 1 record with the Flemaker file hosted on a remote Server and accessing through Webdirect). I'll probably time in locally and then remotely and compare. I will check out the Set Variable option and I really appreciate you taking the time to write out that script code. It's great to see that there are members that go out of their way to help other members that are f
  5. Thank you for your Reply and I appreciate you taking the time to Answer. As mentioned I'm not that familiar with Filemaker scripts and functions (just the basics, calculations, Import etc) In the Old Filemaker 6 Files (Hosted on a Local Server), a Script to "Generate Sales Orders" was used to Import some of the Fields Data from a Record in one File (Quotes) to equivalent Fields in a new Record in another File (Sales Orders) and I was able to replicate this in Filemaker 14 but couldn't do so when using Webdirect. So for example in the "Quotes" Table you would have a number of Fi
  6. (Background) 10 Filemaker Pro 6 (.fp5) files converted to one single Filemaker Pro 14 (.fmp12) file with 10 Tables and accessed via a Hosting Service with Webdirect. The Database requires that you need to be able to copy Data from a number of fields in one Table to equivalent Fields in another Table for some Records when required. I can't use the Import Script - Reason being that users will be accessing Filemaker as a Hosted Database through Webdirect and it keeps prompting for an Import file. The same Import Script works fine in our Single License of Filemaker Pro 14. Is there a
  7. Just some background on the current setup - We have legacy Filemaker 5.5 Server with 10 Databases Files running on an old Windows 2003 Server. using Filemaker Pro 6 Clients. We are in the Process of moving this to a Filemaker Hosting provider so have to convert these Filemaker .fp5 files to Filemaker 14. The Hosting Service, proivdes for 1 Database file so rather than trying to convert all of these old files into 1 single Database file, I decided to start from scratch and have now rebuilt each Table in Filemaker Pro 14 (It also gave me the opportunity to clean up on fields, Layouts, S
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