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  1. Not sure if I'm on the right track here but I have created a button and applied a Save A Copy script to it. I click on the settings icon next to it and get the choice to Specify the Output. That's not really what I need is it?
  2. OK guys. Thanks for that. I'm just a novice at this so I'll have to do a lot of research to script it.
  3. When I save to .pdf the default setting in the Save box is "Records Being Browsed". This is very awkward for me as I discovered I almost sent my entire library of invoices to someone. Is there any way of setting the default in this field to "Current Record" so I won't make this mistake in the future?
  4. Hi Fitch, thanks for getting back. I think I just discovered the issue. When I brought the new files in from the backup they came in as Read Only files. I don't know why they were converted to this but it seems to be what happened. All good now. Thanks again.
  5. Hi I'm probably in the wrong place but it was the closest offered in the menu of topics. I am using FM 16 and am a novice. I was recently changing button scripts on an existing database and somehow replaced the current file with an old version. So I copied and pasted the files from a backup back to their original spots and all seemed OK until I tried to change something in the layout. When I am now in the Edit Layout mode and click anywhere inside the window I get an error telling me the layout is not modifiable. I checked the security panel and I am listed as having permission. I would a
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