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  1. I believe the problem is how the retuned date is being formatted in the function which does the callback to FileMaker. In that function "toISOString" is used to format the timestamp in an ISO format and then the time component is simply truncated. The problem here is that "toISOString also converts the timestamp to be UTC time so truncating the time component is only valid if your timezone happens to be UTC. As I'm +10 this operation changes the date component to "yesterday" most of the time. There is probably a window of time when this function does work but in practice it doesn't.
  2. Hi Guys, Is there a "timezone" setting in this Year Calendar example as it seems to pass incorrect dates back to FileMaker. Enclosed is a screenshot of what happens when I click on the sample event on January 2, 2019. Its not just the events ... every click action seems to return the date before the clicked date. Interestingly the examples on the developers site appear to work fine. I would have thought a Year Calendar of dates wouldn't need to take "time" into account as its not being displayed but if I adjust the function which returns clicks to FileMaker to not format the "
  3. Yes it seems to work when there are clusters but once you get to individual pins they are not accurate. I decided to scape the Carafe implementation and went with the example code on the Google Developer site. Now I get clusters when zoomed out and accurate pin locations when zoomed in. Added some bounds based on the extremities of my data and initial Zoom = 1 so my map starts showing all my locations and clusters as appropriate. You can then zoom in but can't zoom out further or shift outside the data area.
  4. I’m probably a bit late to the party but with v19 I’m having a closer look at leveraging JavaScript within FileMaker. Carafe is a very nice solution and I started with the Google Maps example to get my head around whats happening. Carafe made it really easy to get things in place although I initially only had default black markers because I “mistakenly” used “colour” as the key. I do have a small issue … I’ve noticed that zooming out gets a little weird if the minimumClusterSize is set to 1 or if the set of markers is a single record. In the case of a single record presentation sta
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