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  1. @Ocean West Thank you. the 'Left' command was the exact thing I needed. Knew it would be a simple solution but it was escaping me. Thanks all for the comments. I have split the prefix into a separate field and am calling on that to sort the records. This seems to work exactly as needed for now.
  2. Hello, still fairly new to FM and am sure there's a simple solution to this... I have a table of records that are organised into group by their id prefix One group of record ids may be for example: SV1001 SV1002 SV1003 And another: PT1001 PT1002 etc... When I'm looking at a single record, I'd like to then provide a button that will perform a find that returns all records that contain that prefix. E.g. if I'm viewing record SV1001, I'd like to then be able to return all records with the SV prefix. I hope this was clear. Happy to provide further explanati
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