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  1. ok thank you, think I can do what i need with a global drop down search / sort script field, thank you
  2. Thank you. The Other fields are rating for specific things, like support rating, response rating etc Could I have multiple pie charts on 1 x layout of the different rating tyopes? Thanks!
  3. We have a table with lots of Customer Feedback fields They are fixed fields and contain fixed rating items, Either Excellent, Very Good, Good etc I would like to create a Pie chart which splits it by the Rating, and maybe shows a percentage , so 80% Excellent, 10% Very Good, 5% Good, 5% other Is this possible in Filemaker with the pictured data?
  4. Thanks all, I done what i need with a global field
  5. Steve, thanks, have you got an example script so I can modify? Thank you
  6. Hi List view, I want to be able to see all the records in a list
  7. My initial testing reveals I can't have the field in the same table as it links to each record and thats not what i want. I basically want a simple lookup button from the Type field to filter by this I think. Unless anyone had any other smarter way of doing it?
  8. Hi, I have a database that I want to manage training events. I want the user to be able to easily sort / filter / search, with one click and only display the records below of the related entry in the drop down. See attached Pic, the Training Event field sat the top pulls the events from another field The 'Venue' field in the list pulls the same the data from the same field. (But they are different fields in this database) So if I select '11/10/2020 - Webinar' at the top, I want it to only display the entries below where the Venue matches. Is this possible? Th
  9. I almost want some kind of simple button a user can run that they enter a coupe of key fields (Course Type, Venue and Date) and this creates a layout or view with just the filter list of Courses with the attendees
  10. Yeah you are right, layout would make sense and yes I can do Everything I need it to do. I just want a slick way for my users to manage the Training courses, with easy to use searches, Which I can do and have all it preset up. But these training courses run every month and I want the ability fo the users to add new courses themselves without having to delve into the layout menus of Filemaker!
  11. Hi, I have a database with a few relationships setup, and is pretty much working as expected. Pic attached Assessors (contacts) can be added from the Company (Member) record via a portal and all links nicely Certification records link to the Company, and show all relevant certifications done by Applicants and assessed that Company via a portal. The Certification records are bulk imported from another system and match by the company name In the Assessor (contacts) record, a portal shows all their training courses they have done / doing via a portal to the Assessor Training
  12. We are going through the process of updating and using expiry dates instead, so the "y" will be come redundant and removed.
  13. Thank you, you really know your stuff! It a mixture, they are mainly blank is they do not have a "y", its legacy data that has been imported, no consistency unfortunately!
  14. Hi, Thank you, not quite, I probably didn't explain it right! I want to find all records where field1 is "y" and omit records if ANY of Field2, Feild3, Filed4 have a "y"
  15. Hi, I would like to make script to search to display all records if the following Criteria are met Criteria1 - Field1 = "y" Criteria2 Any 1 of below fields do not have a "y" Field2 field3 field4 Sure its simple Thanks
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