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  1. Because each record is a separate certification and we don't have much dealing with the companies themselves and a single line info is all we need for reporting purposes. I have tried to create a Relationship to new table, and added a 'Set Field 'step in the script in the hope if would create a matching record in the other table and maybe I could do it that way, but it is not creating any records in the other table Actually got the relationship working for creating records in the other table, I am assuming I can sort this with a relationship?
  2. the Type2 record does have the matching Company name, just not the Sector, Size or town
  3. Hi, We are importing data from CSV into a list of Certifications into a single table The data consists of Company name, Certification Type, Company Sector, Company Size, Town and some other fields. The data we get from another system is quite messy and requires a lot of work to make it presentable, but consistant enough for me to create a Clean up script to Set the fields as wanted. This all works great. The issue I have is when the Certification type is 'Type2" the data we get from the other system does not have the Company Sector, Company size or Town. So currently someon
  4. Hi, I am trying to get a script to export records to the Filemaker Server Documents folder so I can a run a Weekly scheduled script from the Filemaker server itself. Then the script sends an email with the export attached via SMTP in the background But if run the script from thew server it is not attaching the attachment, it seems to be wanting to use my documents folder on my Mac. What path do I need to set in the export location for it to use the Filemaker Servers local folders. Thanks
  5. ok brilliant sorted, did the GTRR option, works a treat. thanks
  6. Ah ok maybe that's where my problem is, I am not in the layout of the MEMBER table, I am in the TRAINING table. The TRAINING table as a relationship to CONTACTS table, and the CONTACTS table as relationship to the MEMBER table. The found set is In the TRAINING table, this pulls data from the CONTACTS table (email address, name), the script then emails the found set of email addresses.
  7. OK the $memberID_list variable only ever contains a single number, I assume it should have a list? There are 4 records in the found set
  8. I have just enabled the advanced tools, so will have a look at debugging. thanks Not sure, see pic of the field data
  9. Hi, I have a script that sends an email to the current found set of contacts, each contact has a relationship to the company. When I perform the script it also adds an interaction to the Company interaction related to that contact. But even though the correct emails are being sent, it is only adding the interaction to the company of first contact in the found set it is emailing, and not the rest. I have attached pic of the last bit of the script that does the interaction part
  10. Brilliant thank you
  11. Anyway of tidying up so the labels don't overlap?
  12. Thank you, yes that makes sense. Didn't realise you could filter like that using relationships, very clever
  13. The status field of the contact is to Active or Inactive, if they are inactive i do not want them to show in the calculation. A contact may be defined as Inactive if they have left company for example
  14. Thanks but i'm not understanding how it is filtering out the 'Inactive' contact records? Or filtering type1 contacts only, i'm not seeing anywhere in the relationship or count sum how it is defining those items?
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