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  1. Yes I want only 1 record of each duplicate of each kept, think I have a way of doing it by looping
  2. Hi, I am working on a script, which finds a list of records, but I then want to omit just any duplicate records based a field being the same, but staying in the found set Is this possible?
  3. Hi, having a few issues creating another instnace of a table so I can have a another relationship But it seems to be having issues pulling data from the related record Current relationships- Company ---- Contacts Company ----- Certifications I have created an additional relationship Contacts ---- Certifications 2 based on the contacts name. This works and a portal in the Contact record shows the correct certifications But I have created a new layout using the Certifications 2 table, and I want to display a field from Contacts, but it just won't
  4. Hi, Table has field called Field1, I would like summary total of the current found set to say how many time 'Apple' is in the Field1 Is this possible?
  5. Hi, Yes I need more than just a visual indicator, I need to be able to include it it search results etc, but will have a visual indicator based on the result If I can have a calculation like the one in my previous post, but is looking at the related certifications table instead.
  6. Hi, Think I do? I want to automatically show on the client record that the above items are basically 1 or 0. I already have this Calculation that does it, but I am now moving the Certification records out into there own related table, and want to replicate what i have. Let ( [ today = Get (CurrentDate) ; criteria1 = ISO9001 expiry date ≥ today or ISO17021 Expiry ≥ today ] ; criteria1 )
  7. hi, I have a Client table, with a related table containing certification dates I need a calc to look at the related table and check that at least one in the list has not expired (older than todays date) I also different query to look at the the same table, but need to specifically look at a type as well, so in this case need to check that type1 has not expired Thanks!
  8. However I'd also like to count of possible if value is not £600. Can I adjust this calculation to be a 'Not' in someway? Thanks
  9. Yep no problem, calculation field as below ValueCount ( FilterValues ( List ( table::field ) ; "600" ) )
  10. I have a table with a course total (£600, or £1000) in each record. I am looking at this table via a relationship, I what I need to do is count how many £600's there are and how many £1000's there are (not total, but display number so if there were 6 values of £600 in the related records it would display 6) Thanks!
  11. Perfect thanks! The Calculation filed works a treat. Yes I know making a relationship this way is not the best, unfortunately we get a lot of this data is from a CSV import and the only way to match anything is by the Company Name!
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