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  1. I'm attaching in FMP format. So I have Student ID number multiple times. Then type can be: scheduling presentation Setting I'm not combining these. But those 3 types can be present multiple times. What I'm trying to achieve is if there's 2 presentations for a student ID, combine those. But keep presentation as a type separate from scheduling, setting, etc. A good example is 3994401 Hope this helps. thank you for your patience. 504s.fmp12
  2. I'm attaching a file with real data. See if this makes more sense. thank you for all your help Sample.xlsx
  3. That is working perfectly. Now I have to take it to another step: Sample data is: ID number 123456 Type: desert contains: sand contains: rocks contains: water Type: ocean contains: fish contains: salt contains: coral Is there a way to do this list but keeping desert and ocean separate lists?
  4. I have converted a spreadsheet to FMP. I have duplicate records that have a field with different information. I want to combine the info in the field together, if the ID number is the same. How do I go about this? Example: have Id number 123456: record has "Information A" in field "Type" Also have ID number 123456: record has 'Information B" in field "type" I want field "Type" to say: "Information A, Information B" for my ID number 123456.
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