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  1. it was not the backend who was not set up correctly, it was the web proxy ... so now, I can login, it's work but : I had to play around to get the username in filemaker! I had to disable the email in the token and create a new "Client Scope" for the username which is named "email" in the token. The OAuthIDName value in the dbs_config.xml file is useless
  2. I can imagine that it's a question of configuration. but I only made the settings explained in your guide. I even started the installation completely over twice.
  3. Hi Wim I put everything on hold for a while. I went back to doing some tests a week ago. I tried now with Keycloak with your instruction (OAuth_Addendum3_SecurityKeys.pdf) . but it doesn't work, always it have a "authentification failed" I tried with the oidcdebugger.com, I can have a code but when I go in postman, it say <<"error": "unknown_error">> and when I try again <<error": "invalid_grant", "error_description": "Code not valid">> So maybe the best thing to do would be to hire you to fix this problem.
  4. *******, no I don't have access to more recent version. Only the developer preview. I will try to apply. So if I understand right, it's normal that LDAP don't work too. I tried to do the configuration under macOS, but I'm in version 17 (I have to buy the new version of MBS to be able to update). my dbs_config file: I tried with <key name="OAuthGroupScheme" type="string">http://ets/claims/groups</key> too so, when I try the authentification, I have the redirect page who stay open and white : no failed message on the authentification web direct pa
  5., I think it's the latest. right I tried, but I'm not sure how to interpret the result group based but I tried to my account too It could be good, but maybe in a second step. 😅 thank you for trying to help me
  6. Hi It's my first message here, generally I post in French on fmsource.com but nobody has any experience on this subject. Until now, I have a server on MacOS and I use a LDAP on a Synology for the authentification. Now I want to migrate (when the final version will be there) to the new version on Centos. First I tried to connect the server on LDAP with no success. So I searched an other way and find the white paper about other OAuth provider https://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/oauth-providers-filemaker-apps/ I chose Auth0.com because they have a free offer up to 700
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