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  1. Hi, Thanks for quick reply. Yes, these files are stored in a folder on local machine. They are being created daily, and they have unique names. I'm fine with keeping the copies for history log in case i would need to validate some uploaded data. I want to leave it running on scheduled script without any user interaction, it FM runs on a VM. I would say even if i delete these csv files after upload that would work for me as i would still have these on ftp backup (if it's easiest way to just upload/delete files). Thanks
  2. Hi, I have FM file converter that converts excel files into two csv files that needs to be uploaded. Ideally i want to leave it in the background, i know how to upload a specific file to ftp, but can't figure out what i need to do so it scans the folder and only uploads new files in that folder? Any help/tips appreciated.
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