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  1. They are, conceptually, totally different entities (in the way that they interact with other elements in the database) Filemaker's documentation example for many-to-many is Student, Class and Signup in those terms it would, be on a Student's record, showing their Classmates which, as you are demonstrating is not as straightforward as it appears. Programmatically: For this Student, show all Students who have a the same Classes. Doesn't sound complicated but how do I do it? In my terms; For this Parent show all Parents who have the same Child(ren). For this Child show
  2. Thank you. Just one note before I digest your answer - and also the reason it was difficult to Google this issue. They are real parents and children 😉 I was trying to avoid confusion that in the real life scenario a child can have more than two 'parents' (carers) and each of these entities have their own database record. Newbie alert. Incidentally, what's a TO?
  3. Well my last three applications is a user and me sharing a file that lives on dropbox. When I need to do maintenance I simply ask them to quit Filemaker. That costs virtual nothing except two stand alone licences. Perhaps Claris aren't interested in small business any more. I can't sell a £1,000 a year solution before I've even put a single pixel in place. With a 3 year application lifetime that's £3,000 extra on the PHP/mySQL development because the day-to-day costs are £0. (and the web integration (form capture for instance) is a lot simpler. It is a real shame because, the
  4. I'm afraid most of that went over my head, but don't worry I catch up fast. Ao what I want to do is make filmmaker application to be accessed by 2 users remotely and managed be myself. The FM14 hosting is around £120 a year and the other two standalone copies of FM are currently on BOGOFF at £259 for two. So are you saying with one 5 seat version of FM19 at £900 per year I can do the same thing? Plus the hosting or is that included? They seem to be different ballparks and, I have to say, for a small organisation running a fairly simple application totally over the top.
  5. Total newbie question: I am a registered user of Filemaker Pro 15 (from back in the day). I am about to write an application for a small organisation to maintain contacts and workshop bookings. This needs to available remotely by one, maybe two users (and me). There is a company that offers Filemaker Server 14 shared hosting at a reasonable cost (filemaker-hosting.co.uk). So, they licence FM Server 14, I have FM Pro 15, my client needs one or two copies of FileMaker Pro 19, yes? and will that interact successfully with an application on Filemaker Server 14. Does my plan seem fe
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