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  1. oh you guys are legend. thank you. this is awesome.
  2. Cool. I suspect that might be the case. I checked the plugin download page. v.5.3 is still the current version. You know where I can get the updated version? or 360Works is perhaps still working on it?
  3. Hi, wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. ScriptMaster 5.3 has been working fine and well on my client's FMS for a while. Suddenly this morning I noticed it is disabled. And toggling it back on doesn't work. It flicks to disable by itself. The only thing changed in the last few hours is upgrading FMS from 19.0.1 to 19.1.2. I have tried rebooting server x2 and doesn't help. Is this a known issue? or I am the only one seeing this? Cheers. Kevin.
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