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  1. I want to create a virtual value list through executesql so that I can create a virtual list in filemaker just like a crosstab report. Or is there any way to create an array of values so as to execute the results in a virtual list as crosstab reports.
  2. Hi all FM Genius, I have a table where I have as columns: Purchase_Month, p_SupplierName and c_Total from table::Purchases. I wrote an Executesql formula as follows: ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT p_SupplierName , Purchase_Month, SUM(c_Total) FROM Purchases WHERE Purchase_Year = ? GROUP BY p_SupplierName, Purchase_Month" ; ":" ; "" ; Purchases::Purchase_Year; Purchases::Purchase_Month ) and am getting the result as Results: Acrux Ltd:November:39371.0976694915254236 All Goods Ltd:October:7328.3071186440677962 Anichem Pharmacy:February:724.08 Anichem Pha
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