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  1. Guys, there is a task, to establish work between FileMaker Server v19 and clients FMS Pro & Go. What is the challenge? 1. On a new computer, Windows 10 is installed, then a virtual machine, and on a virtual machine Microsoft Windows Server 19, and on this server has installed FileMaker Server v19. To my mind - Frankenstein)))) The installation was completely done by me. We set a task, completed it ... but ... 2. To the admin panel - I have access through local host. In the admin panel on the main page I see all the data as well as the IP that the server has. The installation
  2. Ok guys, thanks for your help, the boss showed me a ready-made script with a solution to the problem and everything works correctly. Thank you for your time. Another very important task has arisen, but I will write about it in a new topic. On the screenshot you can see what was added. New challenge here - https://fmforums.com/topic/107275-filemaker-server-v19/
  3. Thank you very much for your feedback! After opening, I discovered 2 new scripts, and this puzzled me. I need a comma where the point is, and the fields contain data similar to the file, and the data from the table was converted into a chart. In the new file, which has attached Ocean West, after clicking the button, the data from the file is automatically imported into the table, but the commas are missing and I don’t understand how I can apply this in my database so that everything finally works. Guys, please be patient, I'm a beginner and I understand many things raw))) But I try))
  4. I don’t understand, can you explain your proposal in more detail and how to implement it with precision?
  5. Hello! I am a beginner and I need help of advanced users in the matter of converting characters, namely from period to comma. What's the point? There is a CSV file, it contains data. Example - 5.00%, 20.00%, 2.456, 22.564 and so on. Below is a screenshot of the file so that you understand the content. When importing data from a file into an existing table, the data is displayed as follows - 500 2000 2456 22564 As you noticed, data has no structure and is just a set of numbers. The screenshot will show how it looks after import, and it will also show how the data after import should be dis
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