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  1. We are relatively new to MirrorSync (6.12). We can have a system which is syncing with no issues. We create a new record on the FMS in a table that is synced to the Spoke (iPad). After the iPad syncs and receives the new record, the next time the iPad tries to sync, they receive an error that there is a Duplicate ID... On researching the issue, whenever we create a single record on the Hub, 2 records with the same ID are created on the Spoke with the same ID. This effectively breaks the sync and needs remediation by the user of the iPad by the deletion of one of the records.
  2. I have submitted a bug report. I have also generated an Export of my configuration (which I obviously can't post here). If you need the Export let me know where best to upload it securely.
  3. I have a simple central Hub with 1 Spoke (iPad). On the hub there is a layout with a Portal that allows users to enter a new record in the related table. have essentially mirrored this on the Spoke iPad. However, when I populate a Portal Row on the Hub, then sync. The Portal Row on the Spoke iPad is unpopulated. On the iPad, I can go to the Layout affected and manually enter a row in the the Portal, but this needs to work automatically. Any suggestions in how to diagnose this issue? The version of MirrorSync I am using is 6.12 with version 19 of FMS and FM GO
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