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  1. With some tweaks and change of requirements i got it working and displaying the right data. Thanks!
  2. I'm currently building a layout to display data of reported errors during our production. The layout consist of: A chart that display the errors title and a summary count of that title. A Sub Summary sorted by the error title, that shows the error title and summary count of that title. I can display the data for the current selected month just fine, my problem is that I'm also interested in displaying the count of shown errors from the last 3 months, and I'm unsure how to achieve this. I'm thinking of 2 global fields where I store my two found summary count, but how is that count going to link to the the error title? Any help appreciated. Example on what I'm trying to do.
  3. I will keep that in mind if i need to expand functionality. Again thanks for the help.
  4. The field is part of a portal view where the user can write the sequence they want so the n is known when they are done. And my thinking was that when they are done writing in that field i would be able to take the calculation and fill in some other fields. (You helped me with that in my last post, only that time it was data from a PHp site where i had done some regex string splitting) Tested it and it seems to work great. Thanks! Would you be able explain (just a few lines) how it works?
  5. Hi I'm trying to get the first numbers of a text string that has the following format numberxnumber,numberxnumber (5x2,10x6,20x30)..n times. The field can also be empty. And i want to take the result and put it in another field and look like this: 5+10+20 I have something like this: Left( text; Position ( text; "x" ; 1 ; 1 ) - 1 ) But that only works for the first number, and I'm not sure how to get it to iterate through rest of the text Note. the calculation is done on a on object exit script. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Totally missed Evaluate, that was the missing function. I'm just doing: Evaluate (Field A) To get my 21. The trailing comma was a typo (my bad), and I replaced the commas with "+". Will edit my text to contains text instead of numbers. Thanks again Comment
  7. I'm trying to make basic addition with values in a field. Field A contains a text of numbers 10,4,2,5 Field B is my calculation field where i want the result of field A. (10+4+2+5) Sum (Field A) just gives me 10425 instead of 21, and i cant find other functions to solve this. Any help is appreciated
  8. if i cant use a list view, would a layout with 2 portals do it? A portal for bike order and one for car orders?
  9. Its an older system (around 10 years) and was build around one product only (cars) and i have been given the task (with no experience in FM) to expand the system for a new product (bikes). So right now the order table has a lot cars specific fields and calculations. I then decided to make a bike order table for bike orders only since the process for handling the orders is two different processes.
  10. How would i make a combined list? When a order is created the data is inserted into car order table and the combined table?
  11. I have two order tables. A bikeOrder table and a carOrder table. I now wants to have a list view where i can view all orders in the system, with a list layout but cant figure out how. any feedback is appreciated.
  12. It was not that i was afraid that they would modify the email or that is would get stuck in internet traffic. I wanted to use it as a condition like: if (userPressedSend){ #continue script ... } else { #pause or stop script ... } but now when i type it out i can see some flaws with this idea. But thanks for the input @comment
  13. I have a script that when run opens the mail client with a order confirmation email to the customer and confirms the order in FileMaker. But is there a way to check if the user actually pressed send on the email before confirming the order in FileMaker?
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