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  1. Thank you for your help on this. I was not aware of all these suggestions you have, so I learned a lot. Will look into these solutions, thank you so much.
  2. Hi, I have added my reply in your answer. Thanks again for your time. Example where Voorraad_in (= incoming deliveries) is the layout table: Example where Voorraad_uit (=outgoing deliveries) is the layout table: So really, what I would like is to have the combination of both.. where you have all the outgoing deliveries shown per incoming delivery (screen 2) with the right totals for both incoming (screen 1) and outgoing (screen 2). And even more perfect would be to have all the deliveries shown (also those without transaction), but that would require the layout to be ba
  3. Hi, I'm trying to make a subsummary report with data from the current table and a related table. I never get to display the correct totals for the related table, and would therefore appreciate your help. First I'll try to explain the workflow: I have two tables called 'Voorraad_uit' (= outgoing stock) and 'Voorraad_in' (= incoming stock) which are related by delivery number. Data is first entered in 'Voorraad_in' (= incoming stock) and then related records are created in 'Voorraad_uit' when an incoming stock item is partly or completely shipped. This second table contains m
  4. Ok thank you, makes sense. I don't have the need to search all fields but I wanted so search also some fields which are not displayed on the layout. Apparently this was a misunderstanding from my side thinking that it is necessary to have the fields displayed in the layout and accessible for search requests, so will do some testing. Your help was much appreciated!
  5. Thank you for your advice. I thought it was handy to search through all the fields with SQL without the requirement of having all the fields in a layout to search it.
  6. Hi, I'd like your opinion and advice regarding the following situation. I have a database with several (related tables). Most of the layouts are created with portals which get populated by an SQL search function based on the Soliant tutorial. I have very limited knowledge of SQL programming. The ExecuteSQL script searches all the fields in the current table and the portal then shows the found records. However, I also want records to show up if the entered search value matches a related field. Eg. table 1= patients and table 2= prescriptions. When searching in the prescription ov
  7. Thank you, I think that will be the most elegant solution. Your help is much appreciated.
  8. The workflow is the following: 1) a delivery note indicating the quantity (eg. 1 PCS) and subquantity (eg. 10 boxes) is imported in the stock table (where 1 PCS could be 1 pallet as standard quantity for example) upon delivery of the goods. The delivery units are predefined by the supplier. 2) the user can then allocate the quantity to a customer, in case we are talking about full units (PCS or in this case as example pallets) the user can select PCS, else the user selects the defined subquantity in BOXES (eg. 8 boxes). The goal of this dropdown choice is user friendlyness, meaning t
  9. Hi bcooney, I understand. I tried to make my post more specific. Thanks for pointing that out.
  10. Hi, I'm creating a dropdownlist where the user can choose between different units. The user should be able to choose between the general unit being "PCS" or the sub-unit (could be gr, kg, boxes etc..) which is mentioned in another field of the record. Main idea behind this is that the user has the freedom to be able to select the full quantity of a record or a smaller quantities in logical units. Lets say one PCS = 10 boxes (instead of for example 0,2 PCS the user can enter 2 boxes). So I want to create a dropdown value list based on a combination of two sources: - 1 fi
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