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  1. I share your pain on this issue. In my case the best I have managed is to open a test file, match up the fields as required (using Last Order or Matching Names as appropriate) and then switching the dropdown to "Custom Order" before saving to the script. This works for me as the fields in my imported file are always in the same order - except that one of the fields in the imported file is optional but I have that as the last field so it doesn't mess up the positions of the previous fields if it is not included.
  2. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I am new to FileMaker. I want to automate the process of users importing an "update" fmp12 file into an existing database. Sometimes this update file will include a container field of images, other times (to keep the file size down) this field is omitted from the update file, so I don't think I can use Custom Order or Last Order because of this variation in table structure (and the user will not necessarily know which structure it is). I had expected "Matching Name" would cope with this, but when I am creating the script, when I select the blue Match Field option (which I have to do because I want to Update, not Add) the "Matching Names" toggles to "Custom Order", and if I set it back to "Matching Names" the blue Match Field setting reverts to green Import. Is there a solution to this (or am I doing something wrong)? Sorry, just realised I should probably have posted this in a different topic (Script Workspace and Script Triggers?) but don't know how to move it!
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