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  1. To anyone that is interested, I used a font included in Windows 10 entitled Segoe MDL2 Assets, which includes "pictures" of the controller buttons, but in text format, which can be used to merge with other text.
  2. Thanks, Ocean. I figured as much, due to the amount of times and things I've tried to get it to work. Oh well, maybe I'll find a wingding font that will serve my purpose. Thanks, bud.
  3. Hello all, I am currently trying to use a calculation field to display a series of text and images together. For example, I have images of controller buttons and would like to create a calculation to display something like "Press <button graphic> to guard against attack." where <button graphic> is the actual image of the button. I've come up with a calculation that loops through a few repetition fields to construct the field, but my problem is that it displays the container field as a path and not the actual image (i.e. "Press image:Graphics/Interface/x button.png to guar
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