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  1. Dear ggt667 and comment, The solution with variables function perfectly for me, thank you comment! I need 3 items from outside TxDtls, ie "ns1:Ntfctn/ns1:Id", "ns1:Ntfctn/ns1:Ntry/ns1:BookgDt/ns1:Dt" and "ns1:Ntfctn/ns1:Ntry/ns1:ValDt/ns1:Dt" in every ROW How would this be solved with templates, ggt667? Thank you very much for your invaluable help, both of you! Marky foreach6.4.xslt
  2. Dear comment and ggt667, Thank you very much for your input. I am glad to learn about the namespace and the consequences it entails, it makes the whole code much more tangible. Both your solutions work like a dream for the looping affair. As far as I can see I now have one more difficulty and I'd be glad for your input, ggt667 and comment. Looking at my xml file I sent you and as I commented in msdso_elem6.2.xslt, there is a section (from <NtryRef> to </BkTxCd>) which should appear in every ROW and is identical for every ROW. Now when I foreach or template
  3. Dear helpers ggt667 and comment, Thank you for your response. Here my work up to now. I get an xml statement with 1 or more payment references (included between <TxDtls> and </TxDtls> I manage to import 1 reference into FMP, but not >1. This is because I cannot make the xsl loop and create multiple ROWS and therefore records. Thanks for your help Markymsdso_elem6.2.xslt2020-12-15.xml
  4. Dear helpers, I managed to write an XSLT for an export job out of FMP a few years ago, thanks to Beverley's book and a lot of patience. It's been working without fail ever since! Now I need to import an XML file in to FMP 18 with FMPXMLRESULT, using Oxygen 9 to test the XSL product. I have multiple issues. I would like to start with the seemingly simplest. In an example of xml <a> <b> <c> <c1></c1> <c2></c2> </c> </b> </a> I feel I should be able to navigate to my node o
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