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  1. Thanks anyway - I shall rebuild the tables and see what went wrong.
  2. Hi "Comment" - sorry to bother again. Closest Date not working after I changed my fields . I have replicated your relationships: closestdate = date (in my case cLookUp = HLDate) and it always returns original HLDate. Simplified I have three relationships between tables: HLTable - TPTable -> HLID_pk = HLID_fk this is my link to create TPTable from HLTable where I add various dates to my HLDate to derive my new cTPDate. To recap I have the original date from Excel import, HLDate, I bring HLDate to TPTable using a script and the add various dates to HLDate in TPTable to give me my cTPDate
  3. Thank you thank you thank you! It does. It was my relationships that was at fault. 😊
  4. Let me try that again. I had a field cLookup_higher in my TPTable that auto calculates: LookIpNext(HlTable::HLdate;Higher). The relationship between HLTable and TPTable is HLdate < date AND HLdate >= date. Unfortunately this did not yield a result... HLdate = date didn’t work either.
  5. Thanks for prompt reply. I have a unique ID for each table. __TPRecordID and __HLRecordID, does that help?
  6. Please can beg for some FM18 help! I have 2 tables TPTable::date that is linked to HLTable:HL::date. I need to automate the look up of 2000 TPTable records to the closest match HLDate (80 records). I know there must be a way, but it has alluded me thus far! Thanks
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