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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! It does. It was my relationships that was at fault. 😊
  2. Let me try that again. I had a field cLookup_higher in my TPTable that auto calculates: LookIpNext(HlTable::HLdate;Higher). The relationship between HLTable and TPTable is HLdate < date AND HLdate >= date. Unfortunately this did not yield a result... HLdate = date didn’t work either.
  3. Thanks for prompt reply. I have a unique ID for each table. __TPRecordID and __HLRecordID, does that help?
  4. Please can beg for some FM18 help! I have 2 tables TPTable::date that is linked to HLTable:HL::date. I need to automate the look up of 2000 TPTable records to the closest match HLDate (80 records). I know there must be a way, but it has alluded me thus far! Thanks
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