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  1. I see what you are saying, but these records are only used to format the data and export to a spreadsheet that will be uploaded to a completely different system. At that time the records are combined for each account into a single, monthly charge (per billing item). Granted, these will be saved for a while in case a client calls back after billing and says, "why was I billed $X?" and we can search their account and say, "these were the hours, etc...." After that it's all done. The info is primarily held in a different system. I might still consider your recommendation before this is imple
  2. NLR, that worked. Thank you. I wrote previously that I would explain the point of what I'm doing in case there is a better way to accomplish it. Here's the file, which I made up quickly—I hope it works as I've intended. Open as guest. New log entries are made under the Flow_log layout. Start and Stop times are input used to produced information for billing. The FL # is not the key field for this table, it's just a way to create a log id for the task being done. There can be duplicate FL #s when the records pertain to the same samples. This request addresses an issue wh
  3. After I anonymize some info and strip the DB down to what I need to show, I'll send the file so you can see what it is I am up to. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow. What I'm trying to do is too complicated to explain without an example. I don't doubt that there is a better way to do it. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks again.
  4. That's what I thought was happening but I didn't know how to address it. Thank you for your reply it worked perfection... and then uncovered another flaw in my design. I need the number to increment the highest number in the list. Instead it increments from the last number currently listed. I don't necessarily want to sort (which is one way to solve it), but I want it to look at that field increment 1 past the greatest value (which is what I thought MAX did, but it doesn't). I really need to learn more functions...
  5. Thank you in advance... We have a serialized field that has a value of FL2021-0001 and increments by +1. I created a script that makes a duplicate record for reasons that don't matter here... but at this point I need to reset the serialized field to the next correct number. I do this with the Set Next Value function as such: Set Next Serial Value [TableFL::SerializedField ; Max ( TableFL::SerializedField ) + 1 ] The problem is it sets the next value to 20210002 instead of FL2021-0002. Can I read this as a string and increment it or is the return always going to be a
  6. Thank you for both responses. They work, but I for some reason I try to solve with as few extra scripts as possible. I ended up changing the layout so that the states are all the same except for on Hover the text changes. That works for some reason. The strange thing is, when going back and fourth (from the new window to the still open window, the background state of the button will no longer change when hovering over that button. the text will change, but the hover state will not. I think it's a bug. Thank you again for the help, and that link to the other answers was informative to
  7. Here is a navigational button bar menu: Log | Billing | Accounts | Resources Log opens a new layout, Billing opens a new layout, Accounts opens a new window, resources opens a new layout. The 'active' button segment works fine for all of these except Accounts, which upon opening a new window the Accounts button segment remains the active segment. I would like it to be the Log segment, since once the new window is closed the menu is now incorrectly identifying the environment of the previous window. I am assuming a script trigger could reset this, but I'm not sure what shoul
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