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  1. Recently converted a FM application from V6 to V19. The application will run on FM server. Very new to FM19 Questions related to temporary path I have scripts that exports data to 3 temporary fm12 files. Two of the temp files hold data that is them imported to other files and one of the temp files holds data for a lookup in another file. dhistory imports data from dtemp rhistory imports data from rtemp vendors looks up data from vtemp The temp files are fm12 files Questions 1. I would like to have the temp files sent to the temporary path on the user
  2. Original script in Filemaker Pro V6 Open [ Filename: "Items.PSS" ] Perform Script [ Filename: "items.pss" (*), "Set "Subitems Open?" to Yes" ] [ Sub-scripts ] Perform Script [ Filename: "ITEMS.PSS", "Startup from Cycle Items File" ] [ Sub-scripts ] Script after conversion to Filemaker Pro V18 Open File [ “Items 2” ] Perform Script [ “Set "Subitems Open?" to Yes” from file: “items 4” ] Perform Script [ “Startup from Cycle Items File” from file: “ITEMS 5” ]
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